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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

My bunnies =)

As per request here are pics of my cute little bunnies =)
I used to have bunnies before and found them to be the ideal pets..they don´t make noise and don´t smell if they are kept clean. They are cuddly and are good with small kids (at least in my experience). so I fulfilled my elder daughter´s biggest wish which was to have some bunnies as pets. Since bunnies must be kept together and enjoy living in groups we decided to get a bunch of them (we have the space) to have fun with each other. It´s really entertaining watching those furry little friends so it´s rewarding caring for them!

Our rabbits are all purebred and have certificates of their bloodline hehe =) We have 3 guys (neutered) and 3 girls living happily together outside in the garden in their own big enclosure. All are dwarfs, weighing between 1kg and 1.8kg

This is our English Minilop boy (he is so so so cute!)

This is my floppy-eared girl with a special kind of fur (called "satin fur" as it´s extra soft and very shiny). She is the biggest and laziest one hehe

This is a pygmy rabbit boy with a tawny/black color

Our teddy dwarf girl is the calmest and most tame one (well, none is really shy away from the small black/tawny one)

This is a pygmy dwarf girl with the satin fur like our black one has

And our little white blue-eyed boy who is a cuddly little darling and is a special breed with shorter more rounded ears (called "spoon ears")

And here you see that our little teddy loves her cute boys :)

If you see this post on a site other than it has been stolen and used without my permission. I will only permit reposts with proper credits for my work (please contact me first!)!


Haru said...

Oh my, they are so incredibly cute and pretty! I love that they are all different breeds. I have never seen quite a few of these breeds before. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Aww they are super cute. I always wanted to have bunnies but my mom won't let me :( but I have 2 pet birdies

Kris said...

I've missed reading your posts (all posts!)~ Your bunnies are soooo adorable! Do you need to bathe them regularly or are they like cats in that aspect?

Stacey said...

Hi Kathi, I've missed reading your posts!

your bunnies are really cute, the english minilop one is super adorable! 6 must be difficult to manage? I have one kitty and it's enough for me. XD

Helz Nguyen said...

Wow your bunnies are so adorables :) I been wanting to get one for myself too. But Im a bit afrain of taking care of it myself, since I never had a pet before in my life :( not sure how to deal with them!

Do you have a post how to take care of bunnies or can you write one?

Julia said...

Very cute, although I have no idea why you felt the need to point out that they're "pure-bred".

Shop N' Chomp said...

First of all, welcome back!! :D Secondly, your bunnies are ADORABLE. I'd love to own one (or two) but convincing the hubs has been difficult. T_T

milktea said...

So cute! Is the tawny/black pygmy rabbit boy the shy one? Maybe it's because he's really tiny! :)

Anonymous said...

OMGawd bunnies!!! So, so, so adorable! Your daughter and kids must be so delighted! You are like the sweetest mom ever, keke. Thanks for sharing pics of your bunnies with us!

kuri said...

omg, adorable!!!

Anonymous said...

Look at those lovely little babiesss! So adorable! Thanks for sharing hun.

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