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Thursday, January 27, 2011

B&C Clear Last Premium Dreamy Skin Primer SPF 20 PA++ in Pink Veil

Maybe you are familiar with B&C´s Clear Last range... I reviewed couple of makeup bases from them before and I still like them.
The Clear Last Premium range is a bit more princessy and more expensive than the regular Clear Last brand so I didn´t give a try to anything as I am really overly stocked with face primers.

Sasa is having a promo currently where you can buy the Dreamy Skin Primer for a mere US$11.50 whereas the retail price is 2100 Yen (approx. US$26 currently)...if you want to purchase this product then now is your chance I´d say.
I admit I got the base mainly because I though US$11.50 is a really good price and I can never pass up a good deal =P

The little jar this comes in is very pretty, a peachy pink pearly princessy tub which even is adorned with a small heart-shaped rhinestone!

The Dreamy Skin Primer comes in 2 colors, "Pink Veil" and "Ocher Veil" and naturally I chose the pink version for my fair skin-tone.

The cream is quite thick and moisturizing, perfect for dry skin/cold weather but too heavy and rich for oily skin or for hot weather I´d guess. The light peachy pink color is very translucent so all I notice is that it slightly evens out my skin and plumps it up a little due to its very moisturizing formula. It´s a great base as makeup applie evenly and feels comfortable all day long.

This makeup base has a very pleasant scent, like a soft peachy/fruity fragrance so in this case I actually like that it´s scented!
I can´t see any shimmer in this and my skin doesn´t feel irritated at all. On the contrary, the makeup base seems to be a really good product to keep my skin in its currently close-to-perfect condition. Also contains a sun protection of SPF20 PA++.
Overall an excellent rich moisturizing makeup base recommended for normal-dry skin.
Rating 5/5


~Lisa said...

Woww! Sounds great and it's a good price too! ^^

Jen said...

darn, they already raised the price to $22 :(

Fruity Lashes said...

aww it looks so yummy~! and the consistency seems great.

Emily Quak said...

Just found your blog and I'm loving it!

I'm really interested in Asian products so I'll be following your posts verryy closely :)

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