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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Fall 2009: Shiseido Majolica Majorca "Fairy Sadistic" (!?!)

Majolica Majorca always used to be one of my favorite brands as the quality and packaging are always great. To be honest my love for it cooled down a little within the previous years but still they do release good stuff from time to time.

MM just revamped their Automatic Liner this fall which is the 2nd time since I know the brand. About 2 or 3 years ago they replaced it with the Neo Automatic Liner which - in my opinion - didn't really have a very improved formula (I should mention that I liked the old and the Neo version). The main problem the liners always had was that the ink was a little too sheer so 2 or 3 layers are needed to make the liner show up well.. which can result in slight flaking.

This fall MM introduced the Perfect Automatic Liner featuring 7 colors. I noticed that the colors generally got a little darker than their predecessors which is a good thing as I prefer darker liners for better definition. Especially the green shade, which so far was an olivey golden shade, is now a gorgeous deep blackened emerald green.

The packaging hasn't changed, just the print is a little different from the previous version. It's a pen filled with liquid ink which you can ooze out by twisting the botton. When you get the pen please make sure to remove the pink plastic ring and push the 2 parts of the pen together firmly otherwise you'll have a big mess.

The tip is a medium synthetic bristles brush which does a great job of drawing a precise line (thick or thin works equally well for me).
I pretty much love this eye liner but I wish they had made the ink more pigmented this time. It still takes 2-3 layers to show up intensely though I have to admit that the flaking problem seems gone for me so doing 3 layers is fine.

The staying power is great, the liners stay on all day long on me without fading.

RRP is 1260 Yen in Japan (about US$12)

I got 2 colors which looked like the most attractive/unique among the lot:

-GR604: A gorgeous very deep emerald green with a sheen. Gorgeous jewel color for fall!
-BK920: A metallic deep silver gray. Love this color!

The "Fairy Sadistic" collection (what a stupid name, really!) also features a new Cheek Customize in pale pink (I think it's a highlighter) and some Honey Pump Glosses Neo which I all skipped. I however picked up the Honey Pump Lip Essence.

Majolica Majorca has an amazing lip care out (Majex Lip Cream) so I decided to also try the new Honey Pump Lip Essence. It comes in a squeeze tube just like the glosses and has a honey color to it.
Unfortunately the scent is the same as they use for their glosses...a fruity weird scent I really can't stand. I wish it would either smell like honey to match with the name of this or to have a fresh minty scent like the Majex Lip Cream.

Otherwise the lip essence is nice, it has a soft glossy finish and makes my lips really soft.
Retails for 504 Yen (about US$5).

All in all the collection itself is a bit disappointing as there were no new eyeshadows (sure they just released 8 colors for summer so it's not a surprise!) but the liners are really worth getting!


Unknown said...

the green eyeliner looks amazing!
is it hard to control the amount of ink that comes out with the twisting bottom?
thanks for the review!

Kathi said...

no it's not hard at all to control the color flow... just twist and when you see a small drop appearing at the tip that's enough liquid =D

Lisa said...

Boohoo...too bad they're still not pigmented enough or else I might get them!~

saintangelius said...

I'm waiting for their release here in Malaysia. I'm very tempted to get The green, blue and brown ones. I'm glad they sorta changed to colour because I found the Neo Automatic ones to get a little too silvery when you are about halfway thru the tube. That and the brush splits when you don't use it often enough. Now you've piqued my interest for the lip essence. Will check that out o.o-b

Laura L said...

the eyeliners are really nice. ha, i only have the pencil liner and I like it because it goes on like a dream!
surprisingly, u didn't get the new blush? i'm looking forward for the liquid liner to reach M'sia drugstore...
thank you so much for the share and thoughts!

Love <3

Lioness said...

Can you use the honey essence as a lip balm (under lipstick) or is it just a mosturizing lipgloss?

Because it's named as an essence but the packaging is the same as their lipglosses, it's a bit confusing :/

Emily said...

thanks for sharing about it

Blovet Beauty said...

i agree with u on MM eyeliners. they are kinda light and they flake abit... not my fav item from MM...

Lina said...

Lovely! I'm glad they darkened their liners; I have their previous ones and they're a bit too light imo.

And I can't get over the "Fairy Sadistic" name!! XD

acutelife said...

Thx for the review, I was looking at their liner a few days back but had no idea of the usage and quality. You said mm lip majex is very good??

K said...

the liners look gorgeous!x

kuri said...

Thanks for the review! I'd ignored the new liners because of the flaking problem I had with the previous version.

But if that issue is gone now, I can take advantage of the gorgeous colors available! Excellent. I can deal with the lack of pigmentation if they're layer-able.

Shop N' Chomp said...

Kathi, thank you for the review! I always enjoy reading about new products from you. :)

Mz. W said...

Thanks for the reviews! I'm so tempted on getting the new liners now haha!=P

Dorna said...

I just picked up the dark green, much much better than the light olive green from before!

Chuck said...

I just found out that Shiseido cosmetics are tested on animals! These cruel tests involve forcing painful amounts of substances down the animals throats, into their eyes, and inhaled into their lungs. There's no way this kind of tourture is necessary for cosmetics! Please help by going to the following website to ask Shiseido to stop testing on animals:

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