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Friday, August 7, 2009

Summer 2009: Sonia Rykiel Sparkling Face Powder & more from my Egypt trip

I had been lusting over the new Sonia Rykiel Sparkling Face Powder (esp. the blue-pastel version) for some time now but I just didn´t think the price (somewhere around US$50) was that right. While I would shell out that amount on Lunasol or Jill Stuart Sonia Rykiel often just doesn´t perform too well so I never buy their stuff at full price (though recently I got some items I really like...also cheaper on ebay hehe)... anyway I got the powder for less than half the retail price so I was quite pleased to score it on eBay for such a good price!

The Sparkling Face Powder comes in a gorgeous metallic aqua compact (so summery!) and consists of 6 strips of powder in various colors. For your face you´ll have to swirl your brush across the whole compact but you could possible use the individual colors as sheer shadows. The powder looks baked to me as it has this typical baked feel/texture/finish.

The look you´ll achieve with this is like a glazed bronze, almost metallic so for me it´s rather OTT as a bronzer to use on your whole face (maybe except for evening wear). Also the color is a bit too dark on me so a light hand is needed.
It´s lightly scented like all SR products.

While I took the Lunasol bronzer (reviewed very recently) with me and use it nearly daily I left this at home because it´s too dramatic for my taste.

I thought of also posting some pics of our trip to the Egyptian North Coast (Marina). We spent 2 days there in my dad in law´s beach house. There are 2 great pools (1 is shown, my son is on the very right hehe).

On the first day we only went swimming in the pool for the whole afternoon and then went at night to Marina to eat in Chili´s restaurant there (yup, my first food porn coming up now lol).

I got the Texas Fries (but only ate half as it was so filling, they´re so delicious but HEFTY! I read somewhere one of these portions contains 2100 calories and 160g of fat! OMG!)

Our desert was this most yummy Molten Chocolate Cake (shared by all of us). I tell you this stuff is pure evil!

In a toys shop I found this hilarious fake! It says "Bod the Builder" lol! Oh and I should take some pics of the funny cosmetic fakes they sell here!

The 2nd day we went swimming again and then met friends to take us for a ride on their boat =D We found this beautiful golden mosque on the way there =D

Today we´re attending my brother in law´s engagement party (and more family stuff coming up the next days so we´re always kept busy! =X)


Liang said...

I'm so envious! I've always wanted to visit Egypt :] That house you stayed at looks so magnificent!

birkinbagbeauty said...

Ohhh, what a beautiful place you are visiting right now: that pool and the sunset looks heavenly.
I love the food...yummm, the fries look really heavy but sooo delicous.

Jamilla Camel said...

Thanks for sharing! OOh! The Egypt pictures look so nice, as does the food porn!

Denysia said...

Hehe! Bod the builder! That was cute! :)

Cat said...

Hi I am a new reader and I love your blog, I love make up too!! I wish I could go to Egypt!!! The Sonia Rykiel summer compact is gorgeous as well, you are so lucky~

Shop N' Chomp said...

Beautiful pics, Kathi! Egypt's on my "to see" list. :)

Blovet Beauty said...

Sonia Rykiel stuff always looks o pretty :)

saintangelius said...

Ah! Chili's!!! I love their bottomless Tostada chips and Old Timer Burger. Are you going to be touring Egypt?

Catherine said...

Oh wow, the trip pictures look so pretty!

Jean said...

the food looks great...drool..
but 160g of fat?! tat's scary..

acutelife said...

Egypt!!I wanna go egypt! :D beautiful pictures, thx for sharing

Anonymous said...

Molten Chocolate Cake looks delicious! but i really can't believe for all the places you picked Chili Restaurant!!! LOL

makeupmag said...

I wondered why I haven't been receiving your updates, now I know! Thanks for sharing the lovely pics, Kathi.

justltee said...

I enjoyed seeing pictures of your Egypt trip. LOL at 'Bod the Builder'

Yumeko said...

wow so cool
someday i hope to go too

beauty products philippines said...

Wow! all my concern is the face powder i like this,and of course i like also the food. lol!


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