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Saturday, May 21, 2011

B&C Body Parfait Body Whip Cream Vanilla & Mix Berry

If you see this post on another site than it has been stolen and used without my permission. I only allow reposts with proper credits for my work (please contact me first!)!

For some weird reason it was a bit difficult finding Japanese body care in Hong Kong, especially body lotions. Maybe they are just not that popular with that hot and humid weather?

Anyway, in the Bonjour store in Mong Kok opposite of Langham Place I found this really amazingly cool body cream product from B&C Laboratories!
It looks like a can of whipped cream but be careful, it´s not intended to be ingested =)

The bottle is really cute! It´s also quite huge and heavy and contains 200ml of the Body Parfait Body Whip Cream.
The scent is really good, the name "Vanilla & Berry Mix" pretty much describes what it smells like.

The texture of this stuff is amazing. It´s a very thick mousse really resembling the thick fluffy texture of whipped cream so using a little goes a long way as the cream is so thick and won´t just disappear like a regular foam. It´s a very lush and indulging feeling to use this cream =)
It´s not the most moisturizing body cream I have encountered but it gives me soft, nourished, touchable and nicely scented skin for a long time.

I don´t remember the exact price but I think it was around US$10 or so. Retail price in Japan is 1260 Yen.

Overall I love this stuff, I am almost addicted! I am happy I got a 2nd can from Hong Kong =)

This totally deserves a rating of 5/5


rika said...

oh, wow. I´m not into body lotions, but this sure looks worth trying. thanks for introducing it.
and at least you have japanese products sold locally, I could never dream about this here, living in brazil. :p

In Palace said...

omg looks so good!

In Palace ♥

Lana said...

It looks gorgeous!! Lucky you found it.

Jessica said...

oh my goodness the packaging is adorable! loveee.

Beige Renegade said...

Wow this is such a cool idea!! For some reason I love it when products blur the boundaries between beauty product and food. xD

breakingrumours said...

YUMYUM. Body Whipped Cream sounds so goood.

Kim said... does look like a whipped cream xD I feel like I want to eat it =p hehe

Kawaiiberri92 said...

oOoOo packaging is always cute with asian products lol wow so cute must smell really nice

Unknown said...

What an awesome body lotion! The mousse idea is totally original!

Cutie Fishball said...

I think I should haul this... but I wonder if I can find it online and there maybe shipping restrictions since it's a compressed can....

chalette said...

Hello, found the B&C Laboratories site, but couldn't find all the products of the Body Parfait series, just the new ones, could you please suggest a site that sells all the product in the range. Thank you!

JW said...

That is ADORABLE. I really want to try this...!

Fiona Star said...

Looks so yummy! But it's an aerosol? Is it safe to take it with you on the plane? I've always avoided aerosols because I'm never sure if it's ok to pack it into check-in luggage...

Jyuri said...

Looks very much like whipped cream.... :3

katatonik said...

Omg they look delicous and sweet I'd like to try that out on my body XDDD

Dana said...

aww datz soo coooll~~~ i want one too!! can u tell me where i can buy it??

Wapiko said...

This stuff is aweeeesome~~ I have the "coconut ice & apple mango" scent. Managed to get mine on sale for about 400yen at a mall in Gifu, I'm hoping to go back and find more!

Lisa said...

My Daughter in law sent me a bunch from Japan. A little strange but it is not bad. Love the smells....
strange texture for lotion, but it gets the job done!!!!

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