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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Naris Up Perfect Lip Wrapping Lip Care Essence

If you see this post on another site than it has been stolen and used without my permission. I only allow reposts with proper credits for my work (please contact me first!)!
I found this cute new product called Perfect Lip Wrapping by Naris Up in Hong Kong (Sasa) so I picked up one as it really looked sweet with that pearly pink tube and that little duck on the package! Price was HK$55 which was quite right with me, too!

The Perfect Lip Wrapping Lip Care Essence comes in a cute pink squeeze tube with a slanted plastic applicator and a pearly white cap.

There are 10g in the tube which is quite a good amount for a lipcare.
The lip care has a thick slick texture without much stickiness and gives a very glossy finish. It´s not scented or flavored which is a plus for me =)

This is really comfortable to wear as it instantly soothes any dryness or taut feeling and leaves a nice moisturinzing layer on the lips.

Overall for me this is a perfect lipcare as I prefer the glossy and long-lasting kind like this over the typical waxy or greasy kind which usually vanishes after a few minutes.

Definitely recommended stuff so I got 2 more tubes from HK as backups =D I saw these on eBay in Alphabeautyuk´s store, too. Not sure about Adambeauty but I think I didn´t see it in his shop.

Rating 5/5


Pawawanpi said...

Nice, I was looking for some lip care items, I'll definitely have to pick some up.

cream puff said...

Oh my! It has such a cute packaging!! ^^ I agree, what I hate the most about lipcare products is that waxy feeling. Also, thanks for providing the ebay seller, because I always forget the shop name and have a hard time to find it again. lol

mimi said...

What cute packaging!!~ I love how there's a duck on it and it gives your plump lips like a duck~ XDD cuteee & creative~

ashura said...

The packaging is cute. I just wished the cute cartoon is on the tube as well…?

Beige Renegade said...

Thank you for this review! The packaging is so cute! I always appreciate your detailed reviews :)

PinkOrchids said...

This sounds really good! Thanks for the review! Will definitely look out for it :) xX

Joyce said...

ooh this looks adorable. i'm a sucker for cute packaging! does this have SPF?

Light Love said...

It sounds so good <3 Looking forward to trying it now!

Sell WoW Accounts said...

the packaging is so cute~
cutie duckling:3

ShinyPrettyThings said...

this is so adorable!!! Your reviews are always so helpful. I always come read them whenever I'm deciding on my purchases. hehe thanks!!!

Sue Do said...

Hi Kathi, I'm your new follower and reader !
I must say that i love the packaging, so cute yet so elegant, and the fact that it helps moisturize lip well!

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