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Friday, August 19, 2011

LP - The USA edition: Physicians Formula Organic Wear Jumbo Lash Mascara in Ultra Black Organics

If you see this post on another site than it has been stolen and used without my permission. I only allow reposts with proper credits for my work (please contact me first!)!
The Organic Wear range from Physicians Formula is an all-natural range of products and the product that attracted me most as it seems to have some sort of cult following was the Jumbo Lash Mascara (I did get a few other products from the Organic Wear range as well though).

 The product claims are here:

Quite impressive if you ask me. This is really a mascara that seems to be free of all the bad stuff and considering that mascara is worn so close to the eyes it should be mild stuff without harsh chemicals (that being said I know that some natural ingredients aren´t always better as some are prone to cause allergies or irritate)...

Anyways, I really like the bulky tube, it looks somehow nice!
The brush this mascara has is a flexible rubber brush and it´s HUGE. I mean really huge! It can be tricky to maneuver at first but actually I am now really fond of it.

This mascara is really great as it´s perfect in adding definition and separating my lashes, furthermore it can keep the curl really well. It´s not super lengthening or volumizing but still performs nicely in both ways. I like how my lashes stay soft and aren´t getting that "crunchy" or hard feeling of some other mascaras.
The color Ultra Black Organics is really a deep black, just what I wanted.

This is not a waterproof mascara and many reviewers complained that it smudges. I personally don´t have problems with smduging but I never had problems regarding that point with other washable mascaras. I have not worn this this mascara in "wet" circumstances like rain, crying, swimming etc but since it removes quite easily with just some water and cleansing oil I am sure it would run.
Doesn´t irritate my eyes at all and has a slightly "natural" smell, sort of slightly earthy or herbal.

Overall for being an organic mascara this performs really well and it´s a nice departure from my all-waterproof-but-hard-to-remove Japanese mascaras.

Retails for somewhere around US$10 but I know US drugstores hold sales frequently so you should be able to find it for some bucks off. I got mine from at 20% off recently (however the shipping is REALLY hefty so only worth if one gets a bunch of stuff). I recommend checking out Ebay if you are outside the USA and Canada.

Rating 4.5/5


cream puff said...

I'm a huge fan of organic makeup! The brush is huge? lol Reminds me of the first time when I used the Diorshow.

Das erzielte Ergebnis ist ja fantastisch!! Aber dein Ausgangsmaterial ist ja auch besser als meines (= kurze asiatische Wimpern).

Mizu said...

Wow..the results are pretty amazing!!

I do a giveaway on my blog to win a pair of tickets.Please join if you're interested!

Beauty Scribbler said...

It looks great on you!

I bought this mascara earlier this year and loved the lengthening effect and the way it held a curl. But I had to stop using it because it flaked so much... I would always end up with loads of little black flakes under my eyes within hours. Such a shame because it would have been the perfect mascara otherwise!

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