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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

LP - The USA edition: Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Shadow & Liner palettes part 1

If you see this post on a site other than it has been stolen and used without my permission. I will only permit reposts with proper credits for my work (please contact me first!)!
Until now I collected almost all of the Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips eyeshadow palettes (Custom Eye Enhancing Shadow & Liner) and will find the last few colors in my mailbox when I return to Austria next week =D

There were 5 collections, each containing 4 palettes for brown, hazel, blue and green eyes so until today there were 20 palettes released. So each palette is targeted to enhance a certain eye color but surely that can´t prevent me from trying all the colors hehe. 
The collection were the classic one, smoky, pop, eye candy and bronzed. You can see the colors here.

Unfortunately when I received the palettes (in several batches) I took the pics mixed so I am not going to review them by collection which was to be perfect but instead you will find different collections mixed in each part. Sorry about that!

Western drugstore eyeshadows usually are of lower quality with a lack of pigment (at least that´s my experience) or maybe I should say used to be as the general quality seems to slowly improve. That being said not all Japanese drugstore brands are great, some are quite inconsistent like Kate (as they have good and really bad shadows)...

My friend Iris seemed to like her Shimmer Strips palettes in she used in this post so I felt assured I would like the palettes so I went ahead and placed my order =)

The Shimmer Strips palettes come in lucent bulky plastic cases that can scratch rather easily so I handle mine with a bit more care than some other palettes. Each palette has a sponge-tip applicator that´s not very useful for me and there is no mirror.
Packaging-wise these are rather simple but I still like them anyway =)
Each palette contains 9 eye shadows arranged in trios for 3 different looks: Natural, playful and dramatic. So usually the top 3 colors are the softest, the 2nd trio is the most colorful and the 3rd has the most dramatic/dark shades. The 3rd shadow in each trio is smaller as it´s supposed to be the liner shade thus should be used least. I mix and match the colors anyway so I usually ignore that trio-scheme but it might be useful for makeup beginners or in a rush or something.

As the name suggests all shadows are shimmery, though in various degrees of intensity. Some colors lean towards frosty, some to a softer slightly shimmery satin finish with the majority being quite shimmery. However none of the colors seems to contain any sort of rougher glitter like some Japanese brands so that´s really awesome for me =) I love shimmery/metallic shadows but don´t really care for glitter!

The amount of pigment varies among the palettes however no color is a dud as all show up on me when using my regular eye makeup brushes. Some colors are super pigmented, some are a bit sheer but as I said, all show up well on me.... which is actually something I didn´t expect from such inexpensive palettes.
The Shimmer Strips palettes blend very well and wear all day long over my Etude House Proof 10 base even here in the sweaty hot Egyptian weather which is always the best condition for me to test out the wearing power of makeup! (I am in Alexandria on the Mediterranean coast so humidity is rather high here, too!). I didn´t experience ANY kind of creasing or fading so I am absolutely impressed (the Proof 10 base is really good though!).

These shadows don´t irritate my eyes either and they are hypoallergenic, dermatologist tested, safe for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers and fragrance free.

Overall I am very impressed with these little palettes and think they are really value for money (RRP somewhere around US$11 but I know that many US drugstores offer rebates, sales etc.). I got them from for 20% off (so I paid around €6.50/each).

Rating 5/5

Here are the first some palettes, I will review all the other ones later on in part 2 (and possibly a part 3 as well).

-Smoky Green Eyes:

A nice combination of greens, grays, silvers etc.

-Classic Green Eyes:

The original palette for green eyes. Contains soft greens and plums. This palette is a bit sheerer than most others.

-Pop Green Eyes:

A very colorful and funny palette containing aquas, bright greens and purples.

-Green Eye Candy:

An array of purples (one side leaning towards pink, one towards a cool grape tone) and a fun bright lime green in the middle!

-Hazel Eye Candy:

One of my top fave palettes as it´s a taupey/pink combo.

-Classic Hazel Eyes:

A soft taupe/brown/dusty pink palette. This is one of the most neutral office-appropriate palettes, also the shimmer is more subdued in this particular palette.

-Classic Brown Eyes:

A very wearable purple/brown/peach palette.

-Smoky Brown Eyes:

This is one of the most pigmented palettes in my opinion. A pretty variety of silvers, browns and purple. The lighter silver shade is really metallic so I use it lightly =)

More palettes to be reviewed in part 2 soon =)
These palettes pair really nicely with the Custom Eye Enhancing Gel Cream Liners I reviewed here and here!


Unknown said...

WOW! These are all fantastic on you. Gorgeous!

MaquiLab said...

Love the playful colours of the Pop Green Eyes and Green Eye Candy palettes!

MEOW said...

these look pretty amazing! u have such pretty eyes! :)

Unknown said...

All the makeup swatches look really pretty. I think the purple tones really enhance your eyes a lot ^__^

Lisa x

Kai said...

I'm really glad you like these and is swatching/reviewing them! It's actually really useful in terms of keeping track of things. Over here in US i noticed not all d/s carries the shimmerstrip shadows, or sometimes one is sold out or only partially stocked. end up getting really confused since they really only name these by eye color as opposed to specific names (even with the POP collection or Metallic or whatnot, sometimes they're not as obvious on the packaging).

I have around 3 or 4 of these and they are quite awesome! My faves are for brown eyes though. not only do i have brown eyes, i also find the brown palettes to be a bit warmer than the others, so I can wear it better. particularly all that gold! i never realized i'd look fantastic in golds hehe.

i also really like the retractable shimmerstrip liners. they're more expensive considering how fast you use it up, but the brown in the Brown eye set is HG material for me out of all the pencil liners I've tried. It's dark enough but not dramatic like black, and on me it lasted really well with no smudging. Most blacks or dark browns in pencil form would smudge below my eyes, especially at the inner corner.

Unfortunately i've already gone through two of the browns (brown eye set and the hazel eye set) and can't justify buying another of the brown eye set JUST for the single brown liner LOL. i'll have to wait for a deal/sale! :D

Haru said...

Love all the looks that you did, especially with the purple Green Eyes Candy palette!

PinkOrchids said...

You have really beautiful eyes, and the shadows look amazing on you!! xX

Pinkbuble said...

Wow!!! I'm new to ur blog..but i'm already amazed by the beautiful things u ahve here!!!


milktea said...

I love this post! The shimmer strips are an absolute must-have in my opinion! No chunky glitter? Fantastico-mundo! :-D

Unknown said...

Ooo these are all quite pretty! Pop Green eyes appeals to me the most even though I'd prolly never wear so many bright colors xD And not sound creepy but you have really pretty eyes :)

♥ 珊珊 Kawaii Kuromi ♥ said...

catching up on my fix of reading :). The colours look really nice and pigmented!. My fave is the classic brown and hazel. So cheap too!

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