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Saturday, July 30, 2011

LP - The USA edition: Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Gel Cream Liner

If you see this post on another site than it has been stolen and used without my permission. I only allow reposts with proper credits for my work (please contact me first!)!
I used to be all into US cosmetics before I switched to Japanese/Korean ones =D That was like 6 or 7 years ago... Physicians Formula, even though partly a kind of gimmicky brand, used to be one of my faves back then =)
I am going to write reviews on some US products over the next weeks and I hope you´ll enjoy them just as the Asian cosmetics ones =)

Now I am all into Asian cosmetics as you know but recently I fell for a bunch of products from PF as they looked:
-so pretty!
-according to reviews/youtube videos overall great quality

So I ordered a big bunch of items from the Shimmer Strips collection from and even though the shipping turned out quite expensive it still was cheaper than getting the items I wanted from various eBay sellers.
Shipping via DHL to Austria was about the fastest I ever experienced.. the package left the USA on Thursday and by Friday noon I already could pick up the package from our local DHL office! That is faster than local mail lol.

The first item that caught my attention were the Custom Eye Enhancing Gel Cream Liners, sets of 3 gel liners per package designed to brighten up your eye color. So there are sets for green, brown, hazel and blue eyes. Of course rules are there to be broken so I got all the colors I liked (and I ordered some more and will review them next week or so). =)

The gel liners come in super pretty cubic little pots in stacks of 3. You can detach the liners from each other and rearrange them the way you like. Makes me play around with them like with Lego blocks :P The caps in each trio have different metallic colors so they can be found easily in your makeup drawer.

Each liner trio comes with a black shade with differently colored glitters. The difference isn´t really noticable though in my opinion so I wish not all trios would contain a black but anyway, I won´t complain =)

The texture of these liners all in all is absolutely divine...the liners are very pigmented, smooth and glide on like silk. Once they are applied and set they don´t budge or smudge and stay fresh all day long. Absolutely amazing, really!
Of course these don´t irritate my eyes and wear just comfortably.
The majority of the liners contain fine shimmer or have at least a slightly shiny finish.
Each liner trio comes with its own brush and actually it´s really nice and does the job very well! 
Rating 5/5

The individual colors I got so far (couple more colors to follow soon in a separate review):

-Glam Green Eyes:

This was a special edition or new edition or something intended to be used with green eyes. It contains the sheerest liners and they are actually very suitable to be used for the lower inner eye lid (near the tear ducts) or to actually apply them as shimmery eyeshadows.

The colors are a metallic pale icy lilac, pale metallic greenish silver and a silvery deep gray (this is more different and a bit lighter than the other blacks in the other trios).

-Hazel Eyes:

This trio is made to brighten and enhance hazel eyes. The colors are a shimmery taupe (love this!!), a  slightly shimmery pinkish purple and a black with slight pink shimmer. The pinkish purple is quite bright but pretty nonetheless.

-Brown Eyes:

This trio to enhance brown eyes is actually very similar to the one for hazel eyes however the colors are a bit deeper. There is a deep chocolate brown, a medium purple and a black with purple shimmer.

-Green Eyes:

This is the most fun trio in my opinion and is the trio for green eyes. The colors are a wonderful deep velvet moss green, a cool grape purple which looks almost blue and a black with green shimmer bits.

Here is an EOTD wearing the 2 fun colors from this trio (eyeshadows are from the PF Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Shadow & Liner palette in Pop Green Eyes, to be reviewed soon). I only slightly smudged the green liner on, it´s much more pigmented than it looks in the pic!

As I said I absolutely adore these liners and the colors are real fun and a nice departure from the safer Japanese gel liner colors =)
Retail price in the US is around US$11 but I think these can be found on sale often. I got mine from (international site) for around €6.50 per trio.

The products are fragrance-free, paraben-free, dermatologist approved and safe for contact-lens wearers and sensitive eyes.

Update: Here is part 2 where I reviewed a few more colors!


galpal.hi said...

Those do look really nice and they are such fun colors!


Unknown said...

I love eye liners but actually I have all colours because I do my own colours. Mix pigment with seal it from allnaturalface.
I was interested in some other products from drugstore but now I know the shipment is done by DHL I have rejected the idea. Only buy from on line stores who sent the orders by regular post.

mimi said...

I have the one for hazel eyes!
& I LOVE LOVE LOVE the taupe too! It's such a pretty color and it glides so well too (: & it stays on forever!!

herroyalbleakness said...

These are so pretty Kathi! I want liners as creamy and pigmented as those! I just hope they do not dry out real fast in the pot.

BollyAnlam said...

They all look so pretty! I think you did the right thing by getting them all. They are all different but nice, you can make so many different looks with it.

breakingrumours said...

i can tell from the swatches that these are really good!:)

Fiona Star said...

wow. did you say US$11 for a trio? that's so affordable! i think i might order some online. thanks for introducing!

Rowena said...

Kathy - I am sure we are cosmetic soul mates, I also am not usually into these kind of cosmetics but got some of the PF gel liners! But not opened them yet :)

Mona said...

I totally passed by these without really looking at them at the drugstore. NOw I have to go back to look at them again haha. thanks for the post!

- Angie - said...

Tempting! The colours look nice!

Anonymous said...

I love your eyes makeup

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