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Sunday, July 3, 2011

My first order from Bonjour HK

If you see this post on another site than it has been stolen and used without my permission. I only allow reposts with proper credits for my work (please contact me first!)!I visited Bonjour shops in Hong Kong quite a lot as it´s one of the big drugstore chains there but when it came to ordering (mainly Japanese/Korean/Taiwanese skincare, hair stuff and body stuff) online I was sticking with Sasa as they have a great selection of products, really cheap prices (partly up to 70% off of Japanese retail prices, generally at least 10-20% cheaper) and shipping is free if I order products worth a certain amount. Also I have the VIP card so I am getting an extra 5% off and can redeem products with the points I am collecting with every purchase.
But since Bonjour has its own website I decided to place an order there, especially since they have a relatively good variety of bath powders for really cheap and free shipping (so important for such heavy items!) if you order over a certain value so I purchased some items there.

What I noticed negatively there was the amount of products that showed out of stock...really, the majority of products was OOS actually! But I found a good bunch of goodies anyway so was looking forward to receiving my order. I also upgraded my free shipping to EMS shipping for a mere HK$80 (and my box weighed close to 8 kg!)

A day after placing my order I received an email telling me one item was out of stock so I had to cancel it to proceed with my order. I emailed them to cancel it and 3 days later got the same email again. I called the customer service in Hong Kong (the lady was really friendly) and she told me they had not received my reply =(
A few days later I got the information that my order was being packed but they had to cancel another item as it´s a compressed gas can (it was a deodorant)...quite annoying actually. Why could I order it then in the first place?
Anyway, it took around 8 days for my order to be shipped after placing it so that was quite a bit longer than I had expected!

Things came well packed and padded and the value on the parcel was declared correctly so I paid customs fees, too (which I had expected and included in my order value calculations).

These are the items I ordered (I also ordered a 2nd of that orange body oil and couple more Tsubaki shampoo/conditioner bottles but gave them to my mum right after I received the order and before taking the pic below):

That anti-wrinkle serum is a freebie and seems quite nice!

Overall not the best online shopping experience and all in all their order processing is a bit unprofessional for such a famous and big drugstore chain like Bonjour.
For items I can get on Sasa I would always prefer this site over Bonjour but I am happy with the items I ordered so all in all it was a good thing to order there.

Rating for Bonjour:
Site (layout, navigation etc.): 4/5
Item selection: 2.5/5 as so much was OOS!
Telephone customer service: 5/5
Email customer service: 1/5 as my email didn´t even arrive!
Processing time: 2/5
Shipping costs: 5/5 (free shipping and cheap EMS upgrade!)
Packing: 5/5
Item condition upon arrival: 5/5 (nothing old/expired/leaked etc.)


Beige Renegade said...

I just heard about this store recently and I was wondering how it compared to Sasa. Some items do seem to be cheaper than sasa, but I found it so hard to browse all their items because they didn't have many sub categories and their search function is less than sophisticated.

birkinbagbeauty said...

too bad that the customer service is not up to par yet, because they have both Holika Holika and Kevin Beautymaker on one site! I hope they will improve upon this, so I could order from them one day.

AskMeWhats said...

It is best to shop at Bonjour when you're in HK, for online, SASA definitely won big time on the variety of their products plus a lot of in stock items!

I am sorry you have to go through that but I have to agree they are packed really well and at least you get them safe and sound :) thanks for sharing your experience! I've only tried shopping at Sasa!

Alicia said...

Thank you for the news, I only wanted the foam body of vanilla and mixed berrys but is impossible, the anti terrorism rules with comprimid air cans .. forbidden. I saw one of this brand in your picture.. I wait to visit HK.

indie.doll said...

oh wow! i never knew bonjour had an online site :O i have always wandered if bonjour had one and then i saw your blog hahaha. Anyways, i would like to ask how is the prices compared to Sasa?

BunnyfulDays[Blog Sale] said...

Sasa and Bonjour both stock critically low, in my opinion, nevertheless I am truely grateful because without them I wouldn't be able to get my hands on wonderful products at such decent prices.

I have followed you for a while now and I am really liking your posts! This is the first time commenting since I have problems signing on when commenting. I'm not sure if this comment will post! Shall wait and see..

Also I'd like to add Colourmix now also have their own website! I had always seen a great similarity with Colourmix and Sasa shops so I have some confidence on their online shop in providing a great service like Sasa.

Suzy said...

Gosh I had no idea that BonjourHK was a famous drugstore chain haha. Now I feel more confident about ordering there! SASA's youhavetoorderfor$100togetfreeshipping policy is driving me crazy :P Because I have to pay a fortune in customs fees every time *sigh* So I think I'll give BonjourHK a go sometime soon :)

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