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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Long Volume Dynamic Mascara & Marker Pen Eyeliner Liquid Deep Black

If you see this post on another site than it has been stolen and used without my permission. I only allow reposts with proper credits for my work (please contact me first!)!
Heroine Make from Kiss Me is one of the best small makeup brands as almost all the items I tried from that range are really good or excellent. Kiss Me´s other small range of Heavy Rotation items has recently been expanded so a mascara and eyeliner were added to it.

I got both from Adambeauty and was sure the quality would be great as after all Kiss Me also makes Heroine Make!! FAIL.

The Heavy Rotation Long Volume Dynamic Mascara comes in a similar tube to the newest mascara from Heroine Make. The brush is slim and the link is neither too wet nor to dry.

HOWEVER the result sucks. Sucks, sucks and sucks big time!
This stuff does:
-NOT add volume
-Weigh my lashes down like a b*tch
-Uncurl whatever curl I have
-Add a little bit of length my lashes naturally have anyway
-Remove sort of hard unless with cleansing oil and dual-phase makeup remover.
I tried to layer the mascara, with base underneath, of course always curled lashes etc. but whatever I doesn´t work!

Overall I am really sorry, but this thing does´nt work for my lashes. Maybe this works for other people but not for me.
Rating 1/5

The Marker Pen Eyeliner comes in a black pen and should be shaken prior to each use. I expected this to be one of those super slim liners with a somewhat firm but still flexible brush head (think Kate Supersharp etc.) but unfortunately this is a typical marker pen, sort of like a feltpen with a very stiff solid felt tip which makes application a total mess for me.

It´s like the Quick Liner from Kate which I can´t maneuver either. Maybe I am a klutz or these liners are just not made for me but anyway, I can´t get an even line to save my life with this pen! It looks blurred, messy and just ugly.

Rating 1/5

I am sorry to bash both items but neither worked for me at all and I won´t be using them again. It´s weird, there are rarely things that don´t work for me at all but 2 in one order is really frustrating.
However I recommend checking out the Heroine Make range as the mascaras and liners are absolutely excellent!!
I got both from Adambeauty but can´t remember the price anymore.

On another note: I am a Ramen/Ramyum addict. I know, these things aren´t exactly healthy but they are tasty! I am a weirdo though as I don´t like to eat them as a soup but only as noodles (with added egg, mushrooms, garlic and Kimchi!). My fave are the famous Shin Ramyum though I like to add more chili as they aren´t spicy enough for me =P

And here is self-made Kimchi! It´s sooooo good! It took me a while to cut and make the whole thing but now after a few days of sitting in my kitchen it tastes really yummy!

This is the (quite easy and simple) recipe I used however I skipped the anchovy thing and added more garlic. I thought I should be doing my own Kimchi as firstly the variety here sucks (one canned brand and one "fresh" one, both made in China and containing shrimp paste which I absolutely dislike).


Unknown said...

I've seen this mascara a lot of times but I'm really happy with my clinique mascara.

Dilla said...

i love shin ramyun too :D
they are pretty cheap compared to the other brands too xD

Sara said...

I'm addicted to Shin Ramyum with egg and garlic. So good in winter :)

Thanks for the kimchi recipe, I'll be making some.

birkinbagbeauty said...

Gosh, we're on the same level about the Heavy Rotation mascara: probably one of the worst Japanese mascaras ever...

Mischievous Mack said...

Yay! Korean ramen!!!! That makes me so happy!!!!!!!!!!

Pei said...

I always love shin ramyun, with more chilli ground!!

BV said...

If Shin Ramen is not hot enough then I am in a state of complete and utter SHOCK!! I mean, that stuff is hot even for me!

Shin Ramen and kimchi??? Wow. I had no idea you liked that!! That kimchi receipe looks good btw. I might try and outbeat my mother and make it... probably not as her receipe is a lot more complex and I easily lose interest... LOL

Pity about the eyeliner/mascara though, I'm going to stay away from them...

Jean said...

Too bad the mascara and eyeliner didn't work out. :( I hate when I blow money on something promising and it turns out to be a complete and utter failure. Not even "well, it's ok if I pack it on, so I can still use it" but just total junk so you have to toss it. >_<

On the other hand, the images of the kimchi and ramen made me hungry! I miss my Mom's cooking and her kimchi, so any image of it makes my mouth water.. literally. I'm going to visit her this winter and I know she'll make some more just for me. XD

I ate all my shin ramyun months ago.. it's high time for a restock. :) I like mine with just egg and little soup, similar to you! But I never thought to add mushrooms AND kimchi.. sounds delicious!

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