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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Aube Couture Designing Shine Eyes 532 & Designing Premium Rouge RS382

If you see this post on another site than it has been stolen and used without my permission. I only allow reposts with proper credits for my work (please contact me first!)!
Since Aube got its revamp and was renamed to Aube Couture the brand has become one of my faves, especially their lipsticks...but I also love some of the eyeshadows!

When I was in Hong Kong there was a Sofina Aube Couture promo going on: buy 2 makeup items and receive a deluxe travel sized Sofina Beauté cleansing milk for free. Since I wanted to buy couple of things anyway I took the chance =)

I purchased the Designing Shine Eyes in 532 (review of 534 here) and a Designing Premium Rouge in RS382 (I reviewed 4 other colors here).

The Designing Shine Eyes comes in a pretty metallic pink case with mirror and high-quality applicators included. You get 4 powders shades, the one in the circle is just a sheer glitter to dust over the other colors though.

The shadows are silky and quite pigmented for a Japanese brand, especially the lid color. The finish is different for each color and will be noted below.
Staying power is good when used over a primer and the eyeshadows don´t cause any irritations at all (on my eyes at least).

532 is the pink combo. I just fell in love with the palette in the store so I picked this one out. It contains a neutral brown (slight shimmer), a dusty rose (very shimmery), pale ivory (this has more of a pearl finish) and a white glitter shade.

The overall look I can achieve with this is a flattering soft feminine eye makeup. Totally love this and I am still astonished how well the pink works!
Rating 4.5/5

The Designing Premium Rouge is just awesome stuff, it´s a pigmented liquid lipstick or creamy gloss with a moist and glossy finish.

I also love the pretty metallic tube and the weirdly shaped applicator which is perfect in applying the liquid.

RS382 is a beautiful deep rose plum (will definitely be a gorgeous fall color, too!)

Rating 5/5
I don´t remember exactly how much I paid but it was surprisingly little (at least I remember it was really cheap)...HK prices were definitely good =)

Oh and here is a pic of my fave drink in HK: Bubble Milk Tea! I totally miss it!!


galpal.hi said...

Both items are really pretty. Great color choices.

More and more I'm thinking that I'd love to travel to Hong Kong. My son did say it's a shopper's paradise.


Kai said...

I bought some of the Designing Premium Rouge when I was in Japan, and they are my absolutely FAVORITE lip gloss type of lip color! They're surprisingly pigmented but they don't get off on my teeth at all, and it's like this shiny almost sheer kinda pigmented...? no clue how to describe it, but they're amazing. in Japan it was pretty expensive tho, though i bought two at 25% off at least which brought it essentially down to the price i can buy them on ebay -_-;;; but still, it was worth it!

I wasn't as in love with the Designing Shine Eyes palettes (though I bought three anyway). Somehow the colors seems to blend together rather dully on me...but maybe it's also because i got used to the new Kate duos, and those are so amazing :D

Shelly said...

I've always wanted to try out cleansing milks and compare them to cleansing oils...which do you personally prefer? Let me know how that Sofina cleansing milk turns out! I'd love to try it out!

Someday I'd really want to visit HK - and try some legit bubble milk tea =P

Tiffany-kim said...

That lipgloss colour is sooo pretty! *__*

And haha that picture makes me want to go get some bubble tea now ^^;

Kathi said...

Definitely prefer cleansing oils but I like those milks that can be rinsed instead of wiped off

Light Love said...

Wow, the palette is really pretty; soft and feminine :)
Boba <3

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm going to Hong Kong in Oct 11. Can I check where you got your aube couture stuff from? Thanks! :D

Evie said...

Hello, May I know where did you get these aube couture in Hong Kong pls, thank you!

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