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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Summer 2010: Aube Couture Designing Shine Eyes in 534 (Brown)

For the summer season 2010 Aube Couture released a new line of eyeshadow palettes called Designing Shine Eyes. This is the first time since the brand (Aube) was revamped and renamed to Aube Couture in late 2008/early 2009 that there is a new range of eyeshadow palettes.

I like the previous version called Designing Eyes very much as the colors are very wearable and finely milled with a subtly shiny finish.
The new Designing Shine Eyes come in neutral colors but with a very shimmery super sheer eyeshadow to layer on top of the other colors for additional sparkle and glimmer.

The palette case looks the same as in the older version however the pink color is now darker. The layout of the eyeshadows is the same but the liner shade at the very right is now missing therefore there is a circle on the upper left corner containing the glitter shadow.

The main difference I notice between the new and old version is that the Designing Shine Eyes palette I got is way more pigmented than its predecessor (the 3 colors...the glitter shade is really sheer). It really has kick-ass pigment for a Japanese brand!
The colors are also more shimmery, more like the limited palettes that came out for Xmas 2009!
The shadows are silky and last very well, all in all very high-end quality!

I got color 534 which is the brown quad available. In total there are 5 colors to choose from. To be honest it´s not my favorite brown combo as it leans towards warm and muddy but still it´s a good pick.

I got mine from Ichibankao but they are closed right now. I would check out Mihokoshop or maybe Goddealer. I believe Adambeauty doesn´t stock this product (yet).

Retails for 3700 Yen (for 3.2g of product). To open the compact please push both sides and the cover will flip open.


beautyparler said...

Nice brown shades! I had seen these at Mannings & wish I picked them up.

Sophia said...

Thanks for sharing this! Very informative. If you're looking for beauty tips, make sure to check out Fit&FabLiving!

Shop N' Chomp said...

Soo pretty! *^_^*

Georgina said...

the shades and shimmers look nice on you kathi :)

Shanghainese Dumpling said...

This looks lovely on your eyes :) I love this natural brown shade, I think it's a very wearable Summer brown shade, not too dark but still gives depth :)

beautyblossomblog said...

very nice!

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