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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Poroporo Fueki Cleansing Cream

Did anyone else spot those cute little Fueki products on Sasa or elsewhere? I wish i had ordered a few goodies with my last Sasa order but somehow forgot it *sigh*.

Anyway, eBay is usually the solution to anything so I got hold of the super cute Cleansing Cream there.

All Fueki items come in cute pots looking like a (dog?) face with a cap in various colors. The Cleansing Cream happens to be white and pink which is definitely my favorite color combo =D

The Fueki range is supposed to be formulated to be used by the whole family incl. children but somehow the Cleansing Cream itself is a rather "grown-up" item for me.
The 130g jar (did I mention that it´s super cute? hehe) comes with a yellow spatula to scoop out the Cleansing Cream. This is not a cream actually but a regular foaming face wash. It looks somehow like molten silk with a whipped texture but foams up to a super rich lather with just a few drops of water.
I only take very little to cleanse my face so this product will last an eternity even with 2x daily use.

When I said this item is more to be used by adults than kids i meant that it´s actually a bit too harsh for sensitive children skin. I find the Fueki Cleansing Cream to be on the drying and oil-stripping skin can tolerate it but it feels uncomfortable if I don´t follow up with moisturizer right after washing it. Probably oily skin-types might enjoy this stuff more though.

This is not fragranced and retails for around 700 Yen.
Overall this is super cute and I like using it but it´s a bit on the harsh side so I will definitely have to stop using this in the winter when my skin is drier than now.


Lily said...

I love how all japanese cosmetic products all have extremely cute packaging!!
I would get it just for that reason lol

. said...

That's SO ADORABLE...but I can't see myself having to scoop cleansing cream out of a jar..I'm too lazy! I love things with pumps or squeezy bottles for ease!

dementia said...

That's so cute! I now want to try it after reading your post.

mineral makeup said...

The packaging is as wonderful as the product and children usually love to see cute containers.Thanks for the sharing which brings forth newe products and really good ones too.

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