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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Kanebo Lavshuca Jewel Lips N (Shiny) in PK-1 and RS-1

I already reviewed 2 of the regular Lavshuca Jewel Lips N a while ago (click here).
I said that I thought the Jewel Lips N (Shiny) looked glittery in the swatches but when Adambeauty listed them for a mere US$9/piece shipped I thought it´s time to try them out!

As mentioned in my earlier post I disliked the previous version of the Jewel Lips as they were somehow dry and had the tendency to break at the base quickly.
The new ones are creamier and very comfortable to wear and last a decent amount of time on me.

The Shiny version comes in a super sweet swivel-up tube in light pearly peach, pink and deep burgundy and contains finely milled glitter so the colors give a very lustrous and glamorous finish. They feel a *little* gritty but not to the extent to be uncomfortable.
Of course these are unscented and unflavored like the majority of Japanese lipsticks..

As with 99% of my lipstick orders I love the colors. Seriously, when you order Japanese lipsticks it´s very hard to go wrong in my opinion!

I got the colors PK-1 (light shimmery milky pink) and RS-1 (pretty medium mauve pink).



I packed these 2 in my handbaggage to take to Egypt (I always carry a makeup case with all I need for a complete makeup in case my suitcase gets delayed...happened before!).
These lipsticks contain 1.8g and retail for 1000 Yen (about US$11). That´s about the same content of the new Coffret D´or lipsticks but you can buy 3 Jewel Lips N for the price of 1 Coffret D´or!


Wombat said...

Hi Kathi, ohh I love the look of these- very creamy looking.

Have you tried the new Esprique lipsticks (they are heart shaped!)- I cant wait to see these in person!

p.s. this is completely irrelevant, but from reading your blog and reading about Egypt- I actually thought I'd really want to visit Egypt and surrounding areas, so I'm going to Egypt in September with the bf! would you have any tips on what to bring in terms of beauty-wise..or All I can think about is I might need loads of sunscreen. I'd love to read something about what you use when you are in Egypt!

Planning to start in Cairo and join Ramses tour company and head to Jordan, 19 days total, then Dubai for 3 days. I'm so excited about seeing Egypt! heard it'll be hot though =)


Kathi said...

oh cool, you´re coming to Egypt just when I leave hehe!
Well, I always take a truckload of beauty stuff with me as here there is pretty much nothing interesting to buy and I like to indulge myself with my Asian goodies even more when I am away from home. Except maybe traditional Egyptian kohl there is nothing interesting here (if you know how to use it..I find it unwearable and totally messy).

I pretty much use the same stuff as in Austria but I need more oil-blotting (and sweat absorbing) face sheets, always have hand sanitizer, anti-bacterial toilet wipes and paper soap with me as restrooms are often out of soap.

And sure lots of sun-screen as you said. I also recommend getting a fan as I tend to be drenched in sweat wihtin 5 minutes outside in the heat. September is already a bit cooler but in Cairo the heat is still blazing I am sure!

Clothing-wise I would recommend nothing too tight or short or cropped unless you are in Hurghada and Sharm el Sheikh. Even though it´s a rather modern Islamic country here still it´s better to dress modestly as some men might approach you in an inapropriate manner otherwise.

Also if you want to visit any mosques I´d recommend taking a light cotton scarf to cover your head with you.

Be prepared that Egypt tends to have seriously filthy streets, often with unidentifiable liquids spilled around (I say donkey pee haha) so if you wear sandals your feet might be black at the end of the day (if you walk in Cairo streets e.g.)...better wear comfy sneakers or something if you go to sightseeing anyway.

Jordan is a nice country, very clean and Western. I stayed there for a few days and really enjoyed my trip. The water was weird though...when I tried to wash off my shower-gel it took me like 10 minutes before I felt it was rinsed off (and this process normally takes about 20 seconds for me in other places)...might have something to do with the desalinated water I think?

Dubai is surely the coolest place of your trip, so much to shop and see there. You can even go skiing if you like hehe (though for us Austrians it´s a rather ridiculous little slope so we never went there lol)

I hope my answer helps you a little, just ask if you have more questions!


Wombat said...

Hi Kathi,

Wow thanks for such detailed reply! I'm taking notes down~ lol

Ok I was hoping to get to wear sandles and long skirts, I'm not too good with 35 degree
I guess I'll go back to capri and sneakers. Australia's very hot in summer too but it's dry heat instead of humid.

For a dinner out would you recommend any place in Cairo? whether traditional food or western food?

Ohh I know what you mean about the water- I've been to some countries and had the same issue- it could be whether it's 'hard' or 'soft' water as they so call it sometimes, minerals and all.

Thanks Kathi for your reply!

beautyvanity said...

Hello Kathi
thanks for these lipsticks swatches
they are sublime!

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