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Monday, July 19, 2010

Summer 2010: Lavshuca Natural Beauty Part II

The Natural Beauty collection from Lavshuca is possibly my favorite summer release this year. I already reviewed a bunch of things here!

I intended to get more of the fantastic Moist Melting Rouge lipsticks but since Adambeauty got the whole collection for really cheap I couldn´t resist one more eyeshadow quad and a blusher.
All items were actually below the Japanese retail price but incl. shipping so I didn´t feel guilty at all for indulging in more stuff!

I got:
-Melting Eyes in BR-1
-Moist Melting Rouge RD-4, BE-5 and PK-5
-Mix Color Cheeks in PK-1

-Melting Eyes BR-1:
When I first ordered BE-1 and RD-1 I was actually pondering for a while between BE-1 and BR-1 but judging from Lavshuca´s swatches I finally settled on BE-1.
BE-1 turned out to be way too warm for my liking so it was the wrong choice and I finally ordered BR-1 from Adambeauty and this time I am very satisfied with my order.

Like the other quads from this eyeshadow range this has a very soft smooth and silky texture and a good amount of pigment. Lasting power is excellent worn over my Coffret D´or eyeshadow base.

BR-1 is a neutral brown/taupe-ish quad. The colors are a off-white, golden beige, taupe-brown and deep neutral brown. All colors are shimmery, only the darkest shade contains less shimmer.

This quad is definitely on my Egypt-list as it will be perfect with any kind of outfit or lipstick!

I paid US$14.50 (retail is 1680 Yen ~ US$19.50)

-Moist Melting Rouge:
As I said before this is a super soft buttery lipstick range with good pigment and a wonderful shimmery and glossy moist finish. The lasting power is good though not as long as regular lipstick.

I got 3 more colors:
RD-4: A gorgeous medium raspberry pink (swatch at the left)
BE-5: A peachy beige with pink tones (swatch in the middle)
PK-5: Soft light pink (swatch right)

All 3 colors are gorgeous, just like the first 2 I purchased.
Cost US$13/each (about US$4 below retail!)

-Mix Color Cheeks in PK-1:
Another pretty blush from Lavshuca, it´s a soft pink shade with fine shimmer. The highlighter seems more pigmented and gives a pretty almost dewy finish (since it has very fine shimmer).

Texture-wise I said before it´s not overly silky but it´s smooth and gives a nice sheer layer of blush. Couple of applications are enough to get soft pink cheeks for me.

I paid US$11 (retail 1470 Yen ~ US$16.50).


~Lisa said...

Wow! They all look gorgeous!! The eyeshadow def. looks pretty and the texture sounds pretty good. The lipsticks also look fab!!

Kathi said...

yea I am pretty thrilled with this haul! =D

Shanghainese Dumpling said...

OH man I want to get everything here!!! love that eye shadow on your eyes!! :)

chocfull said...

I love the moist melting rouge lipstick, so glossy. I am a lipgloss person so staying power is not high on my list. I am using RS1 now & I think I got smtg pink too. Hope to get more of this!

chocfull said...

I love the moist melting rouge lipstick, so glossy. I am a lipgloss person so staying power is not high on my list. I am using RS1 now & I think I got smtg pink too. Hope to get more of this!

Kathi said...

Hi Chocfull,
yea the lippies are really amazing, love the glossy shine and good color payoff! =D

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