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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Fueki Nakayoshi UV Cream SPF25 PA++ (waterproof)

I´ve been test-driving this cute little guy for the past weeks and thought it´s time to share my views on it =)
As I said I hauled more stuff from Fueki with my last Sasa order. I think the Nakayoshi UV Cream SPF25 PA++ is one of the most popular Fueki products.

I was quite astonished by how small the cute little head-shaped jar looks. It contains 50ml and is seriously tiny. But now after using the cream for over 2 weeks I notice that a little goes a long way for sure.
This UV Cream has a really weird texture I never encountered in a beauty product so far. It´s a sticky texture reminiscent of a thick pudding or like a thick glue perhaps?

Still when applying it it doesn´t feel sticky but rather lightweight and comfortable. This only applies to using it on a cleaned moisturized face though! When I use this on dry skin it can indeed feel sticky and a little hard to spread so to me this is not really suitable as a body sunscreen (given the tiny size this is not really an interesting option anyway).

I like that this doesn´t have any smell at all, especially not the typical smell found in unscented sun protection products. It rather has a slightly sweetish smell but it is not fragranced.

This is very mild (it´s formulated for the whole family, children and adults) and gives me no irritations or allergic reactions at all and seems to protect well as I didn´t get any redness when wearing this outside for several hours.
This product is also water-proof so you will need to remove it with makeup remover and face cleanser.

Overall I like this Nakayoshi UV Cream SPF25 PA++ very much and been using it daily and intend to continue with it. It cost me around US$6 which isn´t much for a nice sun lotion.

This product also comes with a sheet with 2 sun glasses stickers so you can exchange the green one for a red heart-shaped or a dark one.. so cute!


galpal.hi said...

Oh my! Until I saw the picture of you holding the jar, I didn't think that it was that small. It's so cute though! Glad that it's working for you.


~Lisa said...

Hahaha, I love the sunglasses part! ^^ Very cute indeed

ratzilla said...

Just thought you might want to know before you continue to use it that the sunscreen is not photostable. Filters are just octinoxate and avobenzone.

Steph said...

All your reviews make me so interested in this brand!
The packaging of their products look too adorable to ever pass up... :))

suzieduck said...

i remember as a kid i used to have glue in pots that looked like this. i think the glue was made with cornstarch or rice powder. cute.

Shanghainese Dumpling said...

Oh man this is soo cute!!!!!!

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