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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Shills Whitening Oxygen Mask (Anti-Sensitive Formula) & a few Egypt pics

Since I wanted to take many new things to Egypt to have plenty to review I tried out the Whitening Oxygen Mask from Shills which has been sitting in my backup shelf for some time now.

There are 2 versions, a green one for acne-prone skin and a pink one for sensitive skin. Naturally I got the pink one as my skin is quite sensitive.

Shills is a brand I am inwardly split about.... on the one hand it has some amazing cool stuff on the other hand there are quite a bunch of seriously useless products available.

I really love Korean oxygen masks...they start out as a gel which you apply to your face, then leave it on for a few minutes... Within this time the gel foams up and stays foamy all the time, tickling my skin a bit and leaving it glowy and soft afterwards. Even if you wipe off the foam it will magically come back until you wash this stuff off.

Here are Shills´ promises regarding this product:

This comes in a rather pretty pink pump bottle containing 50ml. When you push the pump a light pink gel with a strong rose scent comes out.

This mask only foams up when I apply it to my skin. Right after I stop massaging the foam disappears and the mask starts to dry down to a tight sticky film on my skin. Not really comfy but I wash it off after a few minutes anyway.
It totally lacks the fun experience of foaming up and tickling and all that but it feels rather taut and weird and not fun at all!

I also feel my skin feels a little stressed or something like that afterwards. Not really an irritation but just an uncomfortable feeling overall. Away from this there is no effect I can see when using this mask. My skin looks the same, no bright or smooth result I can detect whatsoever.

So unfortunately this is totally useless for me and I doubt I´ll use up the bottle I have since it´s a rather uncomfortable thing all in all.

I thought of sharing some pics of my trip, it´s just a few really!

Here are couple of pics of a small part of Alexandria, taken from the balcony of one of my husband´s aunts. It looks rather beige and depressive to be honest though I still consider Alexandria to be one of the prettier Egyptian cities, especially the older areas that still radiate some charme from more glorious decades of this city (think 30ies-50ies).
My biggest pet-peeve about this city or Egypt in general is the overload of junk on the streets. Seriously, someone from Singapore coming to this city would probably die from a heart-attack seeing all that junk!

Oh, yesterday we were invited to a really cool villa (or should I say palace?) for barbecue and this cute little furball is the newest member of the owner´s family.. so tiny and so cute! She purred all the time when I had her on my lap and she fell asleep quickly!


Shanghainese Dumpling said...

Awww Kitty is soo cute!!! :) & thanks for the review.

galpal.hi said...

I'm sorry that the product didn't work for you.

That kitten is sooo adorable!!!


birkinbagbeauty said...

Thank you for this review. I have the same mask at home and I could not agree more...I think I will steer clear from Shills because the misses are a bit more than the hits with me.

Beautiful Egypt! I have never been there but looking at the pictures is truely enabling...So dreamlike.

I am totally in love that kitten. I had once adopted a older cat with similar hair (only black and white). He was both cute looking and so active (not the kind of beautiful cat that wants to sit pretty all day).

~Lisa said...

Aww man!! That totally beats the fun of foam!! =(

- Angie - said...

Yea. Shills is a total no no product for my skin. I once bought their dual concealer on impulse and my skin reacted to it the next day with huge pimples..! I tried that oxygen mask while shopping ard and too get a funny feeling on my skin.
Shills's product look great and sounds great, but they are useless. :-(

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