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Monday, August 2, 2010

Summer 2010: Maquillage Little Glossy Nail

I have the strange hobby of accumulating nail colors even though I don´t use nail polishes that often. No manicure lasts long on me usually so the whole process is too much bother for me usually.

Right now I love wearing nail color, after all I have plenty of time here in my holidays so besides relaxing, reading, meeting people and other nice activities I have time to apply nail polish =P

Maquillage released a series of mini nail polishes called Little Glossy Nail for this summer which is always a great thing since minis are cheaper and still I usually get a good use out of them as I never really finish any nail color before it dries out. And besides that I can try more colors and don´t need to commit to a full-size I might not like in the end.

These nail colors promise to be glossy and quick drying. And to me they are both. I hate nail polishes that take eons to dry... I will always nick my nails (*cough* Orbis *cough*) and end up with ugly dents. And I dislike it when a pretty glossy nail color dries down to a dull finish which also happens quite often.

The Little Glossy Nail polishes really give a very glossy finish (the glittery shades don´t actually as the surface is too uneven to call it glossy) and they dry super quick, about 5-10 minutes for me. Sure every nail color needs a little longer to completely set but after 5-10 minutes I can start doing stuff without being afraid of ruining my fresh mani (unless I hit something with my nails really hard!).

Another thing I notice positively about these nail colors is that there are no bubbles forming in the color when I apply the 2nd coat. Just a pretty even color. Really fantastic!
The staying power is good for me, about 3 days without chips and the glossy finish just wears a little off. This is long for me, most colors show chips on the first day after the mani despite base and top coat!
The brush and handle are surely a bit small but not really a problem for me. I have small nails and usually wear them rather short so the brush is fine for me.

The opacity varies among the colors. I got 2 glitters (unfortunately...not a glitter polish fan) and 2 regular colors and the glitters are sheerer whereas the color offer better opacity. The darkest color is completely opaque with just 2 coats.
The glitter shades are as usual annoying to remove but the other colors come off easily.

The colors I got are:
81 (blue glitter), 84 (rusty rose glitter), PK107 (lilac-tinged pale pink with fine shimmers) and BK937 (deep black base with blue absolute fave!).

I hope they might consider adding more jewel-toned colors later on.. the majority right now is either bright, pastel or glittery (or all). BK937 is the color that stands out in my opinion!
3.7ml retail for about 400 Yen. I paid US$6.50/each shipped from Adambeauty.


mandy said...

These are so cute! Didn't know they were mini bottles :O I was looking at the Maquillage site last night and wanted like every color (not very practical but they all looked so pretty)! lol

chelle said...

These are so sweet!

Unknown said...

Nail polish can always be revived with nail polish thinner! :) Never throw a nail polish you love out just because it got goopy, it can be fixed. ^__^

bourbon fatal said...

I like this no. 84 =).
haha by the way, I also always have the same problems with varnishing my nails lol

Shanghainese Dumpling said...

Cute!!! love all of the colours

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