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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Shiseido Tsubaki Head Spa haircare series

I got to try the new Tsubaki Head Spa series from Shiseido the past month or so (my bottles are nearly empty by now)... maybe you remember that I already reviewed the Extra Cleansing with Essential Oil a while ago so this time I´ll write about the other 3 items.

As I mentioned in my previous review the Head Spa series is about having a healthy scalp to enable healthy shiny hair. Honestly for me they are just a haircare series like other hehe =P

This Tsubaki series features the color gold whereas there is also a white and a red line available. I hope to see a deep purple or black series at some point =P

I got a value kit containing all the products from Head Spa incl. the Shampoo (220ml), Conditioner (220ml), Extra Cleansing (100ml) and the Massage Spa Mask (70g). I paid about US$34 incl. shipping from eBay (Alphabeautyuk).

When I tried the shampoo, conditioner and mask out the first few times I wasn´t really impressed. To me they felt pretty average and even didn´t smell as good as the deep cleansing shampoo.
However somehow after using this series for many times, usually daily, I felt that the products really give super soft shiny hair. The shampoo and mask smells really lovely, the conditioner has a slightly more powdery scent than the other products.

I like especially the Massage Spa Mask as it has a slightly cooling feeling and a fresher scent as if there is something herbal going on like maybe camphor?
This mask is the best product in my opinion as it makes my hair really very soft and shiny.

The shampoo is thicker and has a golden shimmery color whereas the conditioner is nourishing but on the lighter side.

Overall a good hair care set. Still I´d say that Kao Essential (the orange series) or Asience (pink series) from Kao, too, are better suitable for very dry and/or colored/permed hair.


Diane said...

I didn't know Shiseido had come out with a new line, thanks for the info! I love the Kao Essential in the orange bottles too, I think that's my all time favorite line.

Ana Kessel said...

I wanted to try this so bad. I have used the essentials and white tsubaki line and my hair still looks kind of damaged =(

Unknown said...

Hi Cathy,

I agree.. we hope they would release another color line soon. I think Shiseido Tsubaki lines are really beautiful.

I have been skipping from using Redken to the Shiseido line from time to time and do get great results from using them.

Great Quality =)

MV Kids Dentists and Braces said...

I've been using this set for about 1.5 months and I totally agree that it makes my hair super soft and shiny. I love this line more than the red one!

AskMeWhats said...

this will be interesting the try, the red version works well but at the latter part gives me the dandruff! :D Enjoy!

Shanghainese Dumpling said...

Wow thanks for sharing I love Tsubaki, but have never heard about the spa hair care products, I'll go and check them out now :)

Anonymous said...

I got it at Marukai (Japanese supermarket) in LA for $17.99 only... ^_^

Anonymous said...

I've just got this product but I don't know how to use:( What should I do after using shampoo and conditioner? Extra cleasing or spa mask? Well my hair is very oily. I'm so confused:( Could u give me the answer? Thank you so much

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