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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Dariya Salon de Pro hair care & Bubble Hair Color Kit 4A

I found haircare from Dariya recently on eBay from a range I never heard before (Salon de Pro) so I guess it might be newly released. They also have hair dye, only in natural brown shades, but I got one to try out as my current favorite hair color is a dark cool ashy brown.

I got the complete haircare series consisting of shampoo, conditioner, treatment and mask. Prices range between 800 and 900 Yen per product. The shampoo and conditioner contain 350ml each, whereas the treatment contains 240g and the mask in the jar 300g.

All of the products contain high polymer silk protein, royal jelly extract, olive oil, plant protein and L-Glutamic Acid.
I took this haircare series to Egypt as the sizes were good for me. Most Japanese shampoos and conditioners come in either huge 500ml or smaller 220ml bottles so 350ml looked perfect for my nearly 6 weeks trip.

All 4 products have a nice light floral fragrance. Otherwise the hair care seems to be good but not outstanding. For dry hair it´s definitely a great set but for colored or permed it will probably be not nourishing enough.
I get soft and shiny hair but I have to use shampoo, conditioner and treatment every time and the mask at least 2x a week.

Overall I would probably not repurchase these products. The most outstanding Japanese hair care for me are still Kosé Asience (pink series) and Kao Essential (orange series) as they make my hair unbelievably soft, silky and shiny.

I also got the new Bubble Hair Color Kit in 4A (Ash Brown) as it looked like a really interesting product.

It´s a mousse-type hair dye which mixes itself. Just shake 20 times, click cap on and push the button to get the foam out. Very easy!
Furthermore this is free of ammonia so it has virtually no odor at all. No pungent or unpleasant one at least. It seems to be quite mild as my hair didn´t feel dry or rough at all after using this.

That´s pretty much where my excitement ends hehe =) The mousse is somehow dense and dryish but doesn´t last so spreading this stuff evenly is next to impossible. I swear I put amounts of foam on the same place on my head just to find that the hair still looked uneven in that spot (while the foam vanishes as soon as you start to distribute it on your head!). I think I would have needed 2-3 boxes of dye but why bother when I can get an even result with 1 box of Prettia for much less money?

Furthermore the color variety is really boring. Just a few browns, among them 4A which looked like a cool dark brown and the color itself turned out alright...just not even so my hair looks somehow strange right now hehe =P



For comparison: This is Kao Prettia Elegant Ash which I used back in April:

Overall this hair dye might be for you if your hair is not too long (if it is short you can use the product several times so it might be actually worthwhile!), you want a mild hair dye and are searching for just natural brown hues. Otherwise nay from me!


whole food supplements said...

Thanks for sharing. I agree, your hair looks great with your former brand. :)

Hair Fall said...

Nice post, thanks for sharing this wonderful and useful information with us.

Anonymous said...

haha.. this thing is for grey hair.. like it's meant to make the grey hairs go away :)

I bought it and then I was like shit... it's not for me. but then I thought that it'll be a waste if I dont use it.. so i tried to find whether it works on normal hair... i guess it does

I'm actually dyeing it right now haha.

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