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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Juju Aquamoist Moisture Cleansing Oil & Syrian dinner

I think the Moisture Cleansing Oil from Juju´s popular range Aquamoist is a rather new addition to the product lineup. At least I didn´t see it in any shops until recently (June or so?). I picked up a bottle as I just love trying new cleansing oils and have nearly finished it as I like it quite a lot!

Like the other products from the Aquamoist series this comes in a simple clear packaging and contains hyaluronic acid. I like the design with Japanese writings all over for some reason though it´s not cute or so hehe :D

The Moisture Cleansing Oil is a rather liquid oil with a light yellow color like say sunflower oil. It has a nice slick feel to it and applies well, emulsifies perfectly into a milky liquid and washes off without leaving any greasy residues. 

For those who are new to cleansing oil here is a tip how to use it: Squirt about 2 pumps of oil on your dry hands and spread it on your made-up dry face. Cleansing Oil is a great makeup remover for the face but I personally like to use it as a face cleanser in the morning from time to time, too. 
Massage a bit till makeup starts to dissolve, then wet your hands an massage further. Then start to slowly wash it off. Good cleansing oils should start to emulsify and turn into a milky liquid. If used as a makeup remover at night I recommend following up with a mild foaming face cleanser.

My skin gets really soft and clean and not dry or tight at all when using this oil. This oil has a light citrus scent which is alright but not really needed in my opinion.

Overall a nice product and a rather economical choice since the 150ml bottle retails for somewhere around US$10-12 online.

We went to eat at a Syrian restaurant yesterday though honestly I can´t tell much of a difference between the local Egyptian and the Syrian cuisine. 
We ordered like half of the menu haha (the waiters had problems to place all that food on our table) =D We were 5 (hubby, the 3 kids and I) and we still took a lot of the food home as the portions were so huge we couldn´t even eat half of that! Still we didn´t pay really more than like 30 EUR for everything!

The food was really yummy though I am not used to some of the spices (like that the rice had a sweetish clove-ish taste), I had half of a boneless (aka boanless on the menu hehe) chicken with rice and other goodies. Other dishes are those rice-stuffed sausages, stuffed grapeleaves etc. etc.

My son loved the restaurant because it is called "Abou Fares" (= father of Fares) and my son´s name is Fares =)


Unknown said...

wow kathy! that is a lot of food~! (mouth watering)
I've never tried cleansing oil before! >__< haha, actually I haven't more than half of all those stuffs you're reviewing..! You have so many awesome stuffs!=))

~Lisa said...

I really want to try Cleansing Oils now! Whenever I read your blog, I always want to try something new but that thing is hard to get here =(

Felicia said...

The food looks yummy x_x
This is actually the first time ive heard about cleansingboil.. I'll probably try it out sometime!


myolie said...

it is 3am right now but looking at all your food makes me hungry. will stay in the ktchen till am ha ha ha ^ ^

yumi said...

the syrian meal looks delicious!! what a feast :9 now where to find this kind of food in southern california??

i've been reading your blog for a while but don't think i've left a comment before, i'm a bit of a shy one :p always enjoy your posts & reviews!

dianarahim said...

Hello, I love your reviews and I 'd like to ask:
Is it okey to use cleansing oil as a makeup remover and face cleanser?
What I mean is just one wash and thats it.
It is dual function right?

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