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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Shiseido Maquillage Eyebrow Color Wax #55

I know posts about eyebrow-related stuff are usually not that popular but in my opinion grooming and accentuating the eyebrows is a really vital step as they are the frame of the face and ungroomed/uneven etc. eyebrows can really distract from a pretty nicely made-up face. 

I always tweeze/shave/trim my brows to shape them, fill them in with eyebrow powder and set them with a gel or wax. For several months now the Eyebrow Color Wax from Maquillage in the color 55 is my favorite product for this purpose.

Shiseido revamped the eyebrow wax from Maquillage recently and I was lucky to score the new version a few months ago on eBay for less than 10 bucks in the color I wanted (55 is the darkest of 3 available shades).

The Eyebrow Color Wax comes in a small tube with a coil-shaped brush applicator similar to some mascaras. The wax itself is more of a soft cream with a good dose of pigment, in the case of 55 a nice deep neutral brown (the camera is picking up gold tones that aren´t visible in natural light).

This product is doing a perfect job in keeping my eyebrows in place and giving a nice tint. I don´t think the tint can replace proper filling in with an eyebrow powder but it gives a nice finish and keeps my brows from getting unruly. There is also no smudging or staining involved as soon as the wax dries down.

I am (finally) going home tbis Wednesday, yay! I am so looking forward, especially coz there are some packages waiting for me incl. some of the new fall stuff from Integrate, Kate and Majolica Majorca so you can expect some really nice reviews soon!
Btw I couldn´t post the past week because we stayed in the beach house and I only had a very lousy connection!


Unknown said...

looking forward to your new posts cathy, I also have some lemming for the new integrate palettes =)

Eyebrow color is interesting, I would only use these if my hair was dyed from black color.

Looking forward toy oru reviews. Hope you enjoy your rest of your stay ^.^

Anonymous said...

Have you ever tried any of the Kate eyebrow products?

galpal.hi said...

Thanks for reviewing. I haven't tried anything like that before since my eyebrows are too sparse. I definitely need to draw it in.

Yay to going home. While it's nice to travel, there's no better place than home.

I'm looking foward to your future posts!


Shanghainese Dumpling said...

Thanks for reviewing, I got a brow colour wax before from RMK but it's not as gold as this one, seriously I'm still sure how to use it ehhe :) maybe you could do a tutorial one day :)

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you actually. A few years back, I have already started putting on make up and never a day would I go out without any! Then one day a friend asked me why is it that I put on such nice make up but my eyebrows look so sparse and undefined! From that day on, I draw my eyebrows everyday!

ashura @

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