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Friday, July 16, 2010

Mistine Professional BB Brightening Body Lotion

As I mentioned before I ordered some more body lotions from Mistine, a cosmetics brand from Thailand (under Better Way company). i got mine from eBay where you can find plenty of Mistine items listed.

A lotion called my eye because it´s called BB Brightening Body Lotion! A BB Cream for the body sounds darn interesting. Seems the BB craze will reach all sorts of beauty brands and products allover Asia! Seriously, any brand just needs to slap a BB label on their product and I´ll buy it right away. Waiting to see BB lipsticks, eyeshadows etc. =D
Anyway, to me it turned out to be a regular body lotion but the name and bottle just are cute hehe =D

The Mistine Professional BB Brightening Body Lotion comes in a very pretty light pearl pink bottle and contains 150ml (I think there are other sizes available, too). It smells really nice, a fresh fruity scent which also lingers for a good amount of time.

The lotion has a light blue tint. I thought it might have a temporary whitening or brightening effect due to the blue color but neither on my skin-tone nor on my son´s (whom I estimate be about NC40-45 currently as he got really tan despite SPF50+ sun blocker) it did have any effect at all.
The lotion feels a little sticky right after application but this feeling vanishes about 5 minutes after the application.
It´s a lightweight lotion which spreads easily so only a little is needed for my whole body.

I can´t judge if it has a long-term whitening or brightening effect since my body skin is so white it can´t get any whiter I think haha! This contains arbutin though which is supposed to be effective in lightening.

Overall a cute and good body lotion with a lovely smell. It´s not overly outstanding or special though but I think I would repurchase this.
However Mistine has so many nice lotions to try out I´d probably buy other things first.
I will soon also review some of the other body lotions when I get the chance to use them (I purchased several other types waiting to be used when I finish something else).


Kai said...

i should probably try arms and chest/body is a shade darker than my face because i would put ss only on face/neck and forget to put ss on my arms -_-;;;

~Lisa said...

I'd love to try this but it's already so hard to get regular BB creams in Canada =(


Other than that, I'm jealous of how fair you are :( My younger brother got sooo tanned, I think he's beyond the MAC spectrum T_T

chocfull said...

These lotions are everywhere in their supermarts & they have a huge range of body products. I've never tried their lotions but mostly their shower gels, body powder. I spend a lot of time everytime I go there.

body care said...

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makeup tips said...

Well, I have been reading your blog posts daily and the reason I come on your blog frequently is its compelling content… Regards…

Ai said...

I'm so interested in buying this too! I really needed something to lighten up my arms and hands because I always forget to put ss on them in the summer :/ Now my face is way whiter than the rest of my body T-T But I'm sad that it didn't really make a difference and turned out to be a regular lotion :/

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