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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Kosé Sekkisei Supreme Makeup Base SPF 25 PA++

Kosé´s Sekkisei skincare range is probably one of the most known Asian brands. I personally didn´t try anything from Sekkisei but read quite good reviews on some items like their famous Essence.

Recently Kosé introduced the new Sekkisei Supreme base makeup line consisting of a makeup base, loose powder and a powder foundation in 7 shades.
As far as I know the Sekkisei Supreme makeup range is not out in Japan yet but in Taiwan and Singapore (and Hong Kong I suppose as I got my Makeup Base from there).
The whole Sekkisei Supreme line (there is skincare and base makeup) is on the pricier side, I´d say along the lines of Lunasol skincare and base makeup price-wise.

The Makeup Base comes in a pretty frosted 30ml plastic bottle with a pump dispenser. Quite simple yet elegant in my opinion.

The Makeup Base promises the following (takes from Kosé Sinapore´s website):
"The emollient ingredient effectively wraps the moisturizing ingredient forming a film which prevents moisture loss from skin and keep it supple. Like BB Cream it evens out skin-tone and gives bright and clear translucency.
Multi-purpose makeup base that covers pores making them less visible.
Hexagonal Powder promotes a smooth touch and exhibits excellent affinity with skin which creates ultra-fine veil. A non-greasy after-feel allows makeup to go on smooth and lasting. Blocks UV-Rays and prevents freckles and dark spots caused by the sun with SPF25/PA++. Refreshing oriental herb fragrance."

So did you read that part about BB Cream? Actually I didn´t know anything about this base until I received it (I won it on eBay for cheap and there wasn´t much of an auction description) and the first thing I thought when I pumped out a bit was that this stuff reminds me a bit of BB Cream!
The Makeup Base is also an all-in-1 product like BB Cream as it offers pore coverage, sun protection, skincare like a serum, concealing, brightening etc. etc.

I have to admit I am absolutely in love with this gorgeous Makeup Base. I have dozens of makeup bases and primers and the majority is good but this stuff just has something special about it that I love.
The Sekkisei Supreme Makeup Base is tinted lightly in a light ivory shade which fits so perfectly for me (however it is sheer so should suit a variety of skin-tones).

The overall look it gives is a beautiful lightly dewy finish as it seems to contain finely milled pearl shimmer (no glitter or really visible shimmer). Furthermore the base makes my skin feel so incredibly soft and hydrated. I don´t think it´s heavy but it´s on the richer and more emollient side so probably oily skin-types won´t enjoy this base but if you have normal-dry or dry skin this would be an excellent pick.

Since this is slightly tinted it evens out my skin a bit and just makes it look beautiful and bright. I totally dig this stuff!
The scent is nice but on the stronger side. It´s a herbal-floral mix so it smells clean and fresh to me. If you are very sensitive to scents you might find this overwhelming though.

Overall in my personal opinion this base is great as it evens out my skin, offers a bit of sun protection, feels deeply hydrating, gives a soft dewy finish and smells good. When I am wearing this base my makeup looks even and lasts well so it makes a great primer but it´s also excellent stuff to wear on its own.
Today I only wore this the whole day long and my skin is still super soft and feels smooth and moisturized.

I am not sure of the retail price but I see this on eBay for around US$50 shipped however I paid about half of that.
I would definitely repurchase this but since I have so many makeup bases and a little usually goes a long way it won´t be necessary in the nearer future.


mandy said...

That product sounds really nice. It looked like it'd be a white/slightly beige-y color from the bottle. Would this world on darker skin tones?

tora-chan111 said...

This make-up base sounds great, I'm thinking of getting one to try. I know you haven't used this base for long but I'm curious to know if it breaks you out? Some bb creams do that to me and I'm quite cautious of buying the right bases and creams.

Nyan said...

Hi! Would you wear this befoe a BB cream? They say it's kinda like a BB cream so maybe foundation would be better... What do you think? Thank you!!

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