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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Dariya Palty Treatment Color Girly Ash

I think Dariya Palty is one of the most known Japanese hair dye brands but I haven´t tried any of them (yet).
Recently I picked up a tube of their Treatment Color in Girly Ash which is NOT a hair dye but more likely a tinted hair treatment. I thought it´d be a cool thing to help keeping the color of my currently dark brown hair for longer.

The Treatment Color is actually supposed to be for bleached/lighter hair as the color sample on the back of the package suggests. I am not sure if I´d try it on bleached hair though, who knows which kind of shade might come out!

The Treatment Color Girly Ash is a deep brown cream which comes in a 100g squeeze tube and costs 750 Yen. If you have longer hair the tube won´t last you for more than 2-4 applications, if your hair is short it will be good for a little longer.
It should be used after every hair wash so the color could change gradually.

I used up the tube in 4 days and think this is a lovely treatment as it made my hair so soft and smooth with a really brilliant shine. I honestly can´t tell if it did anything to preserve my hair color since my hair is already a dark brown but the shine and silky feeling it gave were just gorgeous.
Also the smell is really good, fruity and long-lasting.

This does give color as my hands were slightly stained after using this but it could be washed off with soap so I believe the color is just a temporary effect (if you get it at all).

Overall recommended to get shiny soft hair. On the long run this is expensive though unless you use very little only but this might defeat the purpose of the hair tint.

Sorry for this somehow incomplete review but as I said I am not sure of the coloring effect this gives.


birkinbagbeauty said...

hi Kathi, where did you buy this treatment?

Kathi said...

I got it from alphabeautyuk. it seems right now he doesn´t have more but i´d just contact him to see if he´ll get more. Another eBay seller lists, this, too. It also comes in other colors!

Anonymous said...

Could you please post up pictures of the result? Thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

i'd love for you to do a review when you have time :) 'xo

Kathi said...

I will not post any pics as I don´t have any, sorry! And as I said I have dark brown hair and effects won´t be visible.

I am not going to do another review on this particular color but i might purchase the black one and review it =)

~Lisa said...

Interesting...I think I've seen this somewhere in Canada ^^ Will have to double check!

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