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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Fueki Honey Lemon Mask

I am now in Egypt =D The trip was quite good though a bit exhausting, especially for my kids.
My husband threatened me with nearly daily family/friend meet-ups but ok, the 5 weeks will pass lol =D Yes, I am not that fond to travel in general as I am a very home-attached person (well, I´d go to Japan or other places in Asia without any feeling of home-sickness, I am sure!)

Anyway, just 10 days before I left my mum asked me to get her some things from Sasa for a friend (whom I got hooked on Hisamitsu Lifecella masks) so I took the opportunity and got some more goodies for me incl. all items they had from the Fueki range (there are only 3 different product anyway lol).

I spotted the Honey Lemon Mask for the longest time but found it quite expensive as you get only 1 sheet for nearly US$7! That is quite out of my personal price-range for sheet masks usually as after all they are thrown away after 1 use!

Anyway, I got couple of them because I was just seriously curious. I should have ordered 3 pieces as I found out after placing my order that each mask comes actually in a small jar! I have 3 kids thus I should have gotten 3 pieces as they are aleady struggling over them! *sigh*

The Honey Lemon Mask comes as mentioned above in the cutest little jar featuring a head of some animal (a dog or so?). It wears a brown cap which is the cover.
The mask itself is heavily saturated with essence (30ml!) and has a light beige color.
Since this mask is so wet it tears apart easily so one must be careful when unfolding it. I tore the part under the nose when I used my first mask right when I tried to unfold it!
The cloth is really soft and with a good cut but the liquid is very sticky so you have to wash your face after using this. The mask isn´t really scented but I got a whiff of something sweet when wearing it.

I used my 2 masks and really love them as they make my face very soft and smooth and give it a bright look. Nothing my beloved Sexy Look mask can´t do as well so this Fueki mask isn´t cheap really but the jar is so cute (and kind of waseteful actually) and it´s a really nice mask so worth to indulge from time to time.

Overall recommended but surely a splurge and not a steal!


Unknown said...

Hi Cathy,

Looks like you are enjoying this collection.Fueki honey lemon really sounds inviting for me. Sounds even good to eat!

Hope you are enjoying your wonderful stay in Egypt with your family.

Thank you for sharing.

Eva said...

I love the packaging though! so cute.

Unknown said...

wow the container is so cute! :D
but yea I agree, it's quite a spurge yet nice! thanks for review ^^!

Unknown said...

wow the container is so cute! :D
but yea I agree, it's quite a spurge yet nice! thanks for review ^^!

enchi said...

Its the first time that I've seen this kind of mask..:))

The packaging is cute though!!! >.<

Enjoy Egypt!!

Much love,
enchi :3

Shanghainese Dumpling said...

Oh man this is way to cute!!!!

~Lisa said...

Too cute! I think the picture is a bee, hahaha.

But wow, that's a lot of product for just one sheet of masks. At my local Asian dollarstore in Toronto, I've seen them sell packages of DRY sheet masks. I think you're supposed to dip them into toners or homemade masks or something. So I guess that could be useful for the other leftover essence from that mask :)

Do you have that where you live? I think you should because this is an Asian product and there's probably more types and better quality ones there.

Oh, dear. Look at me ramble here. Lol, just ignore me if you want =P

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