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Monday, July 19, 2010

Kanebo Media Moisture Foundation AA SPF 20 PA++ in PO-B1

Seems currently I am lucky with my foundation picks as I found yet another fab but cheap foundation in a matching color for me =D

To me Kanebo Media seems to be the direct competitor of Shiseido Integrate Gracy (or the other way round as Media has been much longer in the market than Integrate Gracy).
Kanebo and Shiseido seem to always have competitive brands in all sorts of cosmetics customer groups like Lavshuca vs. Majolica Majorca, Kate vs. Integrate, Coffret D´or vs. Maquillage etc.

Media and Integrate Gracy are both very affordable price-wise and aimed to a more mature and conservative customer, focusing mainly on obtaining immaculate skin and lips and subtly defined eyes in sheer matte or satin tones. Overall easy no-fuss elegant makeup.
Even the general product design looks similar (dark blue plastic, clear glass, the eyeshadow duos etc.)!

Anyway, since I got the Cream Foundation Moist from Integrate Gracy I just couldn´t resist getting the equivalent product from Media, called Moisture Foundation AA (the revamped newest version from about a year or so ago).

I generally find it easier to get a good color match among Shiseido´s foundations but I thought that the color PO-B1 from Kanebo Media might be worth a try.

The 25g glass jar retails for 1100 Yen in Japan which is quite affordable (about US$13).
The foundation has a lighter less creamy texture than the one from Integrate Gracy so it´s good to use even in summer for me. The Moisture Foundation AA offers good coverage, about medium I´d say. It feels a little sticky after application which doesn´t bother me as I always use a face powder but if you prefer to wear your foundation solo then you might dislike this.

The finish is slightly dewy, not over the top as there is no shimmer in the foundation. As most (or all?) Kanebo makeup products this is not scented and doesn´t cause any irritations or allergic reactions on my skin.

What I really notice about this product, especially for this price, is that it gives such a nice even finish without any blotches, streaks or settling in fine lines and pores. If this 1100 Yen foundation wouldn´t perform nicely it wouldn´t astonish me but for me it´s a perfectly good product and worth purchasing!

The color PO-B1 looked overly orange for me when I first opened my jar but after trying it out it´s pretty much a perfect match for me. I didn´t see any orange cast or unnatural look after application, just flawless even skin.

I´d say this is a good foundation for me to wear all year round as it´s not very rich so good for summer but not very lightweight either so it would be great maybe except on those super cold winter days when it reaches below -10°C.

Overall I am thrilled with this product and must admit you notice that Kanebo is the company behind Media as the quality is definitely there!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the review! Is PO-B1 pinkish? It looks somewhat neutral on the swatch. The foundation sounds good, but I can wear neutral to warm shades, no pink.

~Lisa said...

I want to go to Asia and get this now!!! =( I never knew that Shiseido and Kanebo sells more affordable products.....o.O

Shanghainese Dumpling said...

Thanks for reviewing this foundation :) it looks very liquidish, which I think it's great cos i think they go into skin a lot more better than those creamy type :)

Rukawa said...

Where can we buy this from? :)

Kathi said...

Hi Anonymous, I´d say it´s on the pink side. PO stands for Pink ocher

Hi Lisa,
I´d come with you to Asia right away hehe =D

Hi Shanghainese Dumpling,
yes it´s not overly rich or greasy at all!

Hi Rukawa,
I got it from Ichibankao. I´d check if Mihokoshop has it as her rates are really good.


Anonymous said...

yeah..PO-B1 is very nice...but i just using the 2way powder...i havent try the foundation yet..Kathi..I'd like to ask u, i never try the foundation before..i just applied the lotion and 2way powder which one will b more suit for me to use..thx...

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