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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Kanebo Kate Lasting High Coverage Liquid Foundation SPF 20 PA++ in BR-C

If your skin color is extremely light and you don´t have a lot to cover then I know the perfect foundation for you: Kate Lasting High Coverage Liquid Foundation in BR-C!
When I visited Japan about 4 years ago I discovered the Kate Liquid Foundation in OC-A and it was my HG foundation until they discontinued it about a year or so later. The color was extremely light (much paler than other Japanese foundations) and the coverage was decent so the foundation was a great choice for me.
Kate discontinued the OC-A color altogether but introduced a new color BR-C to their revamped foundation line.

The BR-C color is not really a part of the regular color chart as it´s a "Bright-Up Color" used to lighten and brighten the skin thus the coverage it offers is much less than the other foundation shades.

The Lasting High Coverage Liquid Foundation comes in a small pump-bottle containing 30ml and retailing for 2100 Yen (though you´ll get it about 20-30% off if you buy it in Japan).
The BR-C color has a lightweight yet creamy consistence which feels comfortable and moisturizing but not like it´s heavy or too rich. I am not sure if the other colors sport the same texture etc.
The coverage this gives is really sheer but in conjunction with a bit of concealer and powder it gives a very nice natural and even finish. My skin has no blemishes, very small pores and isn´t oily so I can´t say how the foundation will behave on those skin-types. It covers the red small bumps on my cheeks quite decently though so I am quite happy with it.

Actually this color is almost too white for me which is something I hardly ever experience. Normally even the lightest color in a foundation line will often be too dark for me.
The finish is a slightly silky shine which looks really nice. The foundation doesn´t contain shimmer or glitters though.
This is not fragranced and contains SPF20 PA++. I don´t get any skin irritations when wearing this.

Overall a nice product, would probably be also good to mix with darker foundation or as a brightening makeup base with a little coverage.

I also reviewed the BR-C color from the Lasting High Coverage Powder Foundation which is currently my favorite setting powder as it offers decent coverage and the color match is excellent! Actually the liquid and powder foundations are a great combo to use!


Laura L said...

i think it works pretty good... as seen from the swatches :)

Anonymous said...

Awww, this looks like it´d be a perfect match for me too, since I´m also using the Lasting High Coverage Powder in BC-C and the color-match is just perfection ^.^
Thank you so much for reviewing this... think I´m gonna get it from Ichibankao. In fact, you´re the only blogger I know, who has as fair skin as I do and I can always rely on your BB creams/foundations/powders-reviews ^.^

Grüsse aus Zürich Kathi :)


Sami said...

thanks so much for this review! i've been eyeing this for ages and haven't found any thoughts on it.

Isabella said...

I love this foundation and i have oily skin. I'd say HG status except for the fact that I have the wrong shade -_-" so once I buy in the right color I guess I will find out. I'd say the colors are really light overall xD

MADIHA said...

where did u buy it?? i couldnt find this shade on ebay :(

Shanghainesedumpling said...

Thanks for the review, I think this foundation would look really pretty, or as a brightener underneath another foundation :)

Julia said...

Got that one last week. Applied it to my skin and saw... nothing. So much for High Coverage.
I now bought a sponge to apply it, which works better, but I don't like sponge applicators as you have to buy a new one pretty much each other day, which isn't very eco or budget-friendly.

But well, I can hardly find foundation light enough in Japan...

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