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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Auravedic beauty products(various items)

I was contacted by, offering me a set of products to test and review on my blog. I gladly took the opportunity as I always like trying new things and the Auravedic line looked really intriguing! Read about the concept behind the line here!
Of course my reviews are honest, this is not a sponsored review!

I got a pretty red box and some very gorgeous goodies all the way from Kerala, India, and i have to say I love how much attention was spent on the nice wrapping!

Auravedic doesn´t test on anirmals and has very mild formulations (the products contain amazingly little ingredients!)

The products I received are:
-Hand & Nail Treatment - Fresh Rose, 100ml
-Coconut Milk Gentle Make-Up Remover - Fresh Rose, 100ml
-Rejuvenating Under Eye Therapy - Bitter Orange & Lemon, 100ml
-Cinnamon Turmeric Botanical Soap Bar
-Lemon Grass Botanical Soap Bar

As a general remark I want to say that I really like the way the labels are designed, the products look really pretty and the sturdy plastic bottles are a great pick. The 100ml sizes are generous and last a long time. I used the items now for about a month and still have enough to last me for many more months.

-Hand & Nail Treatment:
This product is a deeply nourishing handcare oil containing Wheatgerm Oil, Jojoba and Olive Oil.
This is a really rich oil so a few drops are sufficient to give you super soft hands. I massage the oil in well into my hands and nails and then wipe off the remaining oil with a tissue. This way my hands aren´t oily or greasy but just super smooth and look really nourished and healthy.

This has a quite strong smell, hard to describe. I´d say a faint note of rose mixed with exotic spices and a bit of lemon. I really like this scent which also lingers long but I can understand how it could be overpowering for some.
The oil also is fantastic when used overnight with a pair of cotton gloves.

Overall I highly recommend this product if you have really dry hands or just want to have a deeply nourishing treatment to keep them in good shape generally.

-Coconut Milk Gentle Make-Up Remover:
This is a cleansing milk with a thicker creamy texture (think buttermilk) to gently remove makeup and dirt from the face.
This has a very nice light scent, similar to the one in the Hand & Nail Treatment but a little lighter and a bit fresher.

This feels very moisturizing and gentle and didn´t give me any sort of irritations or allergies on my face. This can remove a light layer of makeup but it´s not sufficient to remove my usual war-painted face. It works somewhat when I use a foaming cleanser afterwards but the cleansing power of the Coconut Milk Gentle Make-Up Remover is just not strong enough for me.

However I really enjoy this in the morning as I can give my face a massage with this rich cream and then have super-soft clean skin when I wipe and wash this off.
So overall a nice very gentle face massage/cleansing product but it´s not a makeup remover for heavy duty users like me =)

Check the ingredients list, it only contains 6 ingredients! Among them Coconut Milk, Rice Bran Oil and Olive Oil.

-Rejuvenating Under Eye Therapy:
This item is an eye care oil to use around your eyes in the morning and/or at night. I use it at night as it´s a bit too rich for daytime use right now (but possibly it will be great in winter!). This oil contains only 3 ingredients: Arrowleaf Sida, Coconut Milk and Coconut Oil (and some fragrance oil I suppose).

To me this is the star product of the lot! This oil has a light spicy scent which is very pleasant for me personally. Again this could be too much for some but it´s not a cloying or heavy smell so to me it´s a nice sort of aromatherapy when using this!

The oil is effective in keeping my eye area very soft! In the morning my eye are is very smooth and fine lines caused by dryness get much less visible.
This doesn´t irritate my eyes at all but I am careful not to let it enter my eyes.

The 2 soaps I got are very mild but foam up nicely and leave a soft scent behind. They are nicely wrapped thus they are great little gifts!

Overall I am pretty impressed with this natural and mild skincare line and can recommend the products if you like to use oils and are not overly sensitive to scents.

If you are intersted in Auravedic please go to the website and contact them for availibilty and pricings.


Unknown said...

These products look very natural and organic like. The coconut one looks so tempting, it also looks delicious ^.^

Great reviews

Have a great day.

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