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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Sasatinnie Strawberry Balancing Yogurt Mask

Hmmmm...look at that picture right below...does this product remind us of a certain Korean brand? Yes? Exactly like Baviphat. Maybe they are even the manufacturer of this Sasatinnie Strawberry Balancing Yogurt Mask? Could be as this mask is made in Korea but no company is named (Sasatinnie is Sasa´s own brand, manufactured in various places of the world).

The Strawberry Balancing Yogurt Mask comes in a cute strawberry-shaped jar, as mentioned above the same kind of design like used for Baviphat products.

I think Strawberry Yogurt Masks are extremely popular in Korea as many Korean brands have one in their range. I think the one from Laneíge is probably the most known one and one of the first Korean products I ever tried years ago.

While I am not usually interested in Sasa´s own brand Sasatinnie I liked how this specific product looked like and it was up for auction for cheap on eBay (and you can get it from Sasa for around US$12) so I got it anyway.

The mask is a very smooth strawberry-scented milky gel-cream with tiny red beads spread throughout. I am not sure what exactly the use of the beads is as they pretty much don´t dissolve even with rubbing..but oh well, they look cute hehe =)
Just apply this mask to your cleansed dry face don´t need much so the jar should last a while.

The mask feels very nice and refreshing and doesn´t irritate or burn/sting on my skin at all. I leave it on for a good 15 minutes before washing it off.
The mask delivers very soft and bright skin so I am very happy with it and would repurchase it anytime. This is so far the mildest strawberry yogurt mask I tried as the one from Laneíge, VOV and another brand stung a little on my skin.

Overall very recommended. It´s not a miracle mask but it delivers smooth and bright skin and is a good basic face treatment.


Laura L said...

wow, this is the one that I told u last time... so cute. I'm going to get it... did u see the peach packaging?

enchi said...

aww..the mask looks kawaii!! :)
Does it smell good enough to eat?? :3

Much Love,
enchi :3

galpal.hi said...

That jar is so cute! It's great that the mask also felt great on and did deliver benefits.


Anonymous said...

Hi Kathi :)

Would you recomment this mask to oily skin types? As far as I´m concerned Salicylic acid is also used on oily and acne prone skin, but if this provides way too much moisture it´s not a good choice for me, so I need to know :D

Grüsse aus Zürich


Emily said...

awesomne, seems like a great mask

thanks so much for your reviews, Before I want to buy something I always come to your blog!!! w/out your blog it would be hard for me to know what to buy is the best :)

love your blog always ,Have a wonderful week

♥ Starryxuan said...

It does look similar. hehe! Nice review. =)

Georgina said...

its so cute! im going to look for this at sasa when i visit a store hahaha! :)

i can already smell the strawberry scent! oooh! :D

petitechouxx said...

So cute! it makes me want to eat ^^

Sophia said...

Nice review. It looks pretty. Usually, I make my own mask called Mint Souffle Mask. It contains spearmint, oil and honey. I love it!

organic cosmetics said...

How often must you use masks?I like the yogurt ones and am temped to do them more than twice a week.It makes the skin really supple and soft ad moisturized.

Shanghainesedumpling said...

Aww this looks way too cute :)

Aiulura said...

This looks cute! I'll have to get it next time I order from sasa.

Sharlotte said...

OMG the packaging is sooo cute. I want to eat that thing to to waist it for my face :D

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