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Monday, July 5, 2010

Kanebo Kracie x San-X Rilakkuma & Beauty Lip Essence + Hand Treatment Milk UV

I love the Rilakkuma & Beauty goodies produced by Kracie! It seems to be a bit hard to get hold of them but Alphabeautyuk on eBay sometimes is listing a limited quantity of each item but one must be quick to snatch them!
I got 4 products and will today review the Beauty Lip Essence and the Hand Treatment Milk UV which come in the green/white design (orange & jasmine).

I love the packaging as the green is so fresh and summery and Rilakkuma is of course so cute holding that big daisy!

The Beauty Lip Essence has become a daily staple for me as it offers SPF15 PA++ so it´s a perfect lip protection to carry along with me. It is a slick creamy balm with a glossy finish. It is very comfortable to wear and stays on for a decent amount of time. It is supposedly not flavored or scented but I detect the slightest hint of a orange scent which is very nice in my opinion.
The Lip Essence has a slanted applicator and contains 8g which lasts quite a while.

The Hand Treatment Milk UV is perfect for you if you prefer a hand cream that is absorbed right away. For me it is a bit too lightweight as it dries down pretty much instantly not leaving my hands overly hydrated or moisturized. Since it contains SPF 16 PA++ it offers decent sun protection but it´s just not rich enough for me as a stand-alone hand treatment. (My favorite hand cream with SPF is the Rohto Mentholatum Whitening Hand Veil SPF15 which I must review soon!).
I feel it also has a very light hint of an orange scent but I think this is supposed to be fragrance-free.
The tube contains only 30ml which will be used up rather quickly in my experience.
It is cute and all and I will definitely use this up though!

The Kracie x Rilakkuma Beauty products aren´t cheap but it´s worth splurging on a Beauty Lip Essence in my opinion as it will last long and is just so cute to have this!


joyce said...

waaaaaaaaa :)

i love the kuma bear ^^

MilknCookiie said...

The packaging is so cute! :D * grabby hands *

♥ Milk

~raspy~ said...

I'm a fan of Rilakkuma too!!

♥ ♥

mandy said...

That is too cute! Ahh :D
Must try to get my hands on these. And all have SPF. Great for the summer ^__^

Laura L said...

we all want cute things... hehe :P

Georgina said...

rilakkuma is the best endorser out there. i want this too! :D

Shanghainesedumpling said...

Wow they're soo cute!!!!!

Maeve Rachel said...

OH that is so cute! =)

Lily said...

super cute :)

tora-chan111 said...

i've just started reading your blog and i've got to say, i'm really enjoying it XD Keep updating!!

♥ Starryxuan said...

They are so pretty! Now i'm loving the lip essence. Sounds nice! =)

Anonymous said...

i want oneeeeeeee haha D:

Argan Oil said...

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Unknown said...

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