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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Inexpensive Beauty Find: Shills Avocado Eye Cream

Hmmm...this product might look familiar to you as a known US brand has an avocado eye cream in a very similarly designed pot... (*cough* KIEHL´S *cough*).
Shills loves to get "inspired" by other brands so this doesn´t astonish me hehe =)

Anyway, for around 8 bucks you can get a 15ml jar of Shills Avocado Eye Cream from Sasa and I recommend doing that if you are in need of a very rich moisturizing eye cream.

Sasa writes about this stuff:
Enriched with high nourishing vitamin E, natural avocado oil extract, giving ample moisture to the delicate skin around your eye. Hence, it enhances the flexibility of the eye area. Formulated with a unique "Dual Moisturizing Whitening Mechanism"— it is enriched with licorice resin and Chamomile extract to improve uneven skin tone, so that skin around the eyes is supple with a translucent glow. The use of Shea butter, Hawaiian nut oils helps retain nourishing ingredients within your skin. By the moment the cream touch your skin, it will transform to a watery texture, its innovative texture allows better absorption than other eye product, giving you maximum benefit without burdening your delicate pericular area."

The pot this comes in is not cute or even pretty in my opinion. Shills has so many cute items out so they could have chosen a more beautiful design but I think they wanted this product to be more "inspired" by the other product mentioned above hehe =)

The Avocado Eye Cream is very rich and thick and a little goes a long way. It´s very mild as it doesn´t sting or burn and it doesn´t irritate my delicate eye area at all. On the contrary, this stuff is really an excellent moisturizer as it makes the skin around my eyes so smooth and soft and smooths out very fine lines caused by dryness.

I only use this at night as it´s so rich and the weather is hot now but I think in fall/winter I can also use this during the day as it will help to protect from the harsh cold wind and weather in general.
This cream is scented, the sort of soft avocado-scent you might know from other brands but which actually doesn´t smell like real avocados at all =)

Overall a great little product for a good price. The jar should last ages as you only need very little per application.


PinkOrchids said...

Nice review!! This cream seems really interesting, I never knew they used avocado's in creams, so creative! x

mineral lipstick said...

Thanks for the sharing.,Sounds really impressive.Eyes need care and they are usually neglected.This one should be able to do the remedy.

.blushfully. said...

Oh my, Shills really does copy Kiehl's .. up to the jar! ==" Looks fascinating nevertheless!

♥ Starryxuan said...

it really look alike! I'm loving kiehl's eye cream now and this seems like a cheaper alternative :)

Samantha Lo said...

This cream looks really effective @_@!
I knew that avocados are good for hair care, but didn't know it's good for skin too.
Thanks for sharing ♥

Rowena said...

OMG! It is a carbon copy of -you-know-which-brand

I like the idea of Shills i guess but I haven't found anything I love yet! What's your current no.1 eye cream?

Tita Carré said...

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W. Rinkles said...

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