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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Better Way Mistine White Spa Nanocollagen UV White Lotion

Woot woot! I am starting to explore Thai brands =D You know I have no limits when it comes to try out cool new Asian brands!

I was actually just searching for Kao Bioré shower gels on evilBay when I found this seller from Thailand selling the Bioré Sakura Aroma Sensation Shower Cream. I got it along with a refill and out of curiosity I also purchased this Mistine White Spa Nanocollagen UV White Lotion as it was quite cheap and looked yummy (and because I haven´t tried any Thai brands yet!).

Mistine is produced by Thai company Better Way... if you are interested you can read more about this company here.

The White Spa line offers lots of different lotions and other stuff in various sizes. I got the Nanocollagen UV White Lotion which comes in a hot pink bottle (I got the 200ml one...there are also 100ml and 500ml sizes) with a flip-top cover.

You can read about the virtues of this lotion here (click to enlarge):

I am currently really crazy for this stuff. First off the lotion smells delicious! Sort of a coconut-musk scent, very much like holidays for me so it´s a perfect summer lotion or a pick-me-up in dreary winter days. This might sound like a cliché now but this smells like a vacation in Thailand to me (sun cream, coconuts and sandy beaches) =D The scent lingers for long time, too!
And the lotion is really lightweight but makes my skin so very soft and smooth. I only use a little but it´s enough to give me soft and scented skin for hours.
If I am not getting tired of the scent by time (which happens to me often even if I love something at first) then I´d definitely repurchase this!

I ordered a few other goodies from Mistine incl. their BB Brightening Face & Body Lotion and the Gold Caviar Lotion. I hope they´ll all make it here before I leave for Egypt after a bit less than 2 weeks!
The eBay seller have decent price for the lotions but the shipping usually is hefty =(


Thalia Tan said...

I bought their BB cream & BB powder during my vacation in Bangkok and really impress me! I'm using it everyday, love it.

Anonymous said...

i bought the mistine white spa nanocollagen UV white lotion during a vacation in Ghana. the effects are amazing. my mum just loves it. wish i could get more to buy in Nigeria.

lina said...

i'm inlove with just abt everything from mistine!!! not only their bb cream n compact powder amazing their body lotion, deodorant, shower and even feminine hygiene wash are so lucky i lived nearby the thailand border so i can just go anything i like...

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