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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Spring 2010: Kanebo Kate Lasting High Coverage Powder Foundation SPF 20 PA++

As you might have noticed I rarely ever review powder foundations. There are 2 simple reasons for this:
1. My skin is dry so I don´t need/want oil control. Powder foundations have the tendency to dry my skin out so I often get rashes and/or bumps
2. Finding a good color match is even harder than in liquid foundations as powder foundations from Japanese brands have the tendency to run a full shade darker than the liquid/cream equivalent

But...i found one that matches! *hears angels´choir sing*. Some might know that Kate carries a so-called "BrightUp Color" in their foundation line. While I didn´t like the one available in the liquid foundation range (though they revamped the fdtn so I might well have to try it again!) I decided to try the one from the new powder foundation line called "Lasting High Coverage Powder Foundation" as it looked like it might actually fit my skin-tone.

You purchase the refill and case separately. The compact is a sleek mirrored black color which attracts fingerprints like a b*tch. Very annoying but nothing unusual anyway. I wipe the case everytime after using the powder as I greatly dislike dirty makeup products!
The refill comes with a sponge to place in the compact beside the foundation.

The powder feels very fine and silky and offers sheer but slightly buildable coverage. I believe the regular colors offer more coverage but I didn´t test so alas I am not sure. It can look chalky if you overapply so I suggest building this slowly instead of slapping on too much in one go.

I purchased this as a setting powder with more coverage than regular face powder and it´s doing this job amazingly. I just apply my foundation and a light dusting of this powder foundation on top and my skin is next to flawless. Since I use a light application on top of my moisturizing Integrate Gracy cream foundation my skin doesn´t get dry or tight at all.

BR-C (Brightup Color) is a very light neutral skin color which should be suitable for about NC/NW 10-15.
This is not scented and offers a sun protection of SPF20 PA++. I think I will repurchase a refill when I finish this as I love the great color match and coverage this offers.
If you want more coverage I am not sure if this product will be sufficient but if you seek a lighter coverage or want to use this as a powder then it´s a great pick!

I got mine from Ichibankao. I haven´t seen this listed anywhere else yet but chances are high that Adambeauty will get this item soon, too.

Here you see a swatch. You might notice the little scratch which I covered partly with the foundation to show the coverage =P


Yumeko said...

this seems fab!
will check it out

splattergirl said...

is this anything similar?

Yin said...

wow it looks exactly like my shu palette, the holder lol

Must check this out next time i'm in asia.

Shop N' Chomp said...

The coverage looks really great on you!

JacQlin said...

hi gal i have dry skin too. Can i know which foundation ( liquid, cream, powder) do you suggest? thanks you very much

Julia said...

Did you ever try Majolica Majorca's pore cover powder? It's very light (and also very transparent), but I feel like it does indeed cover the huge pores on my nose.
Gotta check this powder out, didn't like the foundation, though.

Julia said...

Just wanted to let you know I got this and put it into a Coffret d'Or case I got on sale at AdamBeauty. xD (Same Kanebo after all.)
Too bad he doesn't sell this, though.

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