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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Etude House Peach Chou Body Wash, Body Lotion & Body Oil and Appleade Body Wash & Body Lotion

Yet another Etude House review =) The 3 items from the Peach Chou and 2 from the Appleade body care range were among my October haul, too, but I haven´t written abou them yet!

I really loved the cute bottles the items come and I like anything with a peach scent anyway so I ordered all 3 items available at that time.

The Body Wash & Lotion contain 300ml each whereas the Body Oil comes with 150ml content.

The peach scent is so-so. It is a peach scent but super strong and on the harsh side. I prefer a slightly sweetened lighter version. The scent really lingers for very long time giving me headaches. The Body Wash has the lightest scent and the oil the strongest so I only use this once in a while. Maybe that I will like this more in summer but right now it´s just too strong for me.

My daughter is really hot for the Body Wash so she´s using it as a bubble bath for herself (she wants that pretty bottle to play with lol!)

I don´t remember how much I paid but somewhere around 6000-7000 Won per item I think?

The other Sweet Appleade range isn´t much better for me either. I usually love anything with an apple scent but the Sweet Appleade Body Wash and Lotion somehow get it wrong. To me both smell like rotten apples, sorry! I am using the Body Wash as a bubble bath so it smells lighter and more pleasant but I can´t stand the scent of the Lotion.

Both of the Body Lotions are on the lighter side, very standard moisturizers. The Body Washes are regular shower gels, neither too drying nor moisturizing and the oil is on the liquid side and doesn´t sit on the skin too long as it is absorbed pretty quickly (a nice oil indeed!)

All in all my October haul was not as successful as I wished with quite a few bummers among the stuff i ordered =P


Claire said...

They looks so yummy! Too bad I didn't see these in Taiwan's Etude House. Wld have definitely gotten the body lotions to try. Thanks for the review! :)


Anonymous said...

Ooh those SOUND so good, but I don't know...could you list some apple and/or peach scents/brands that you DO like? I am also a lover of fruity scents (especially apple!) and would love to compare tastes with you; I might have to order these to try...

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