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Thursday, February 4, 2010

JUJU Aquamoist Moisture HA Bubble Facial Wash

JUJU is one of those brands I have noticed but hadn´t tried (except for one free face mask I received a year or so ago) until December 2009. While their products always received praises I just didn´t really have the interest to try anything.

When I ordered my big Sasa hauls couple of months ago I included couple of JUJU products in the order, one of them being the Aquamoist HA Bubble Facial Wash which is a cleanser that is dispensed in bubble form through a pump so you don´t need to later it up with water.
I generally enjoy bubble face washes as they are usually milder than regular foaming cleansers and the bubbles are dense and fluffy and just fun to use. The Aquamoist HA Bubble Facial Wash is not a mousse cleanser like Kose Softymo Airy Whip which is one of my absolute favorite facial cleansers but I enjoy the Aquamoist cleanser very much!
The smells this face wash carries isn´t the best as it´s a slight chemical one but that doesn´t bother me as I wash it off immediately anyway. The bubbles are dense and soft and look and feel like steamed milk =)

I think this is not the strongest cleanser so I don´t know how this would perform with seriously oily skin and surely any skin type needs a makeup remover like a cleansing oil or milk (or whatever makeup remover you use) beforehand but this is a gentle and nice face cleanser to follow your makeup remover or to use as your first skincare step in the morning.

I got my bottle in December and I almost finished it because I use it daily, in the morning usually. At night I currently use my Happy Bath Day Essence Oil Cleanser and Essence Wash.

I usually use about 3 pumps to cleanse my face, sometimes 4 if I feel generous =P
The pump bottle contains 150ml and retails for 900 Yen. I got this from for US$9.70.

I have several foaming cleansers in my stash i.e. Sana Konuka Bubble Face Wash (with rice ceramides) and DHC Moisture Fruit Foaming Wash.


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