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Friday, February 5, 2010

Kosé Addiction Natural Veil Powder in 01 & Blush in Amazing

I hauled a few more goodies from Addiction among them the Natural Veil Powder in 01 and the Blush in Amazing.

Natural Veil Powder:
The powder comes in a thin plastic case as it´s meant to be put into either the Compact Case I (alone) or Case II (together with a blusher or 2 eyeshadows).
I was a bit disappointed when I received it as from the picture it was not noticable that this would not come in an actual case. Also for the hefty price I thought it should not just come as a refill. I eventually ordered the Compact Case I though as I just dislike to have it in the ugly thin plastic thing.

The Natural Veil Powder is a very light-toned finely milled silky powder that evens out my skin perfectly. I really love this powder as it doesn´t look overly powdery or chalky at all but still offers light coverage. It sets my foundation and doesn´t feel dry. I am not sure if 01 is supposed to be translucent but this is definitely best suitable for fair-light skin-tones as it definitely does have a bit of a tint to it.

Really, this is a superior quality powder however I must say I have other cheaper powders that perform almost as good at a fraction of the price. I think I will still repurchase this though as I seriously enjoy using this.

This is not scented and I don´t have any irritation or adverse reaction when I am using this.

You can get this on Ichibankao or Mihokoshop so you can check out the price yourself. There is also a color 02 available.

Blush in Amazing:
I saw this color shown on the pamphlet and fell in love with it right away. The perfect cool hot pink!

Oddly this comes in an actual case but without a mirror. I don´t know why the cheaper blush comes in a hard plastic case whereas the more expensive powder comes in a flimsy refill case! After all the blush is also meant for depotting =X
Anyway the blush color is gorgeous! It´s really a very bright cool pink but deep enough not to look clownish!

The blush has a very smooth fine texture and is only very lightly shimmery, almost matte.
The only little rant I have is that the level of pigment is actually much less than I expected for such an expensive makeup-artist-like brand. Actually for me that´s not that bad as I can overdo blush very easily but still I think this should have a bit more pigment. It takes about 2-3 layers to achieve the soft pink flushed cheeks I like =)

You can fit 2 of the blushes in the Compact Case I or 3 pieces in the Compact Case II.

Overall both items are great albeit a tad expensive. Next time I´ll review the 4 eyeshadows I picked up =)


Anonymous said...

I love your blog for reviews! I was wondering, can you compare the Blush in Amazing to NARS Mata Hari?

Anonymous said...

Just from this picture it looks really similar...what do you think?

kou said...

It's my first time leaving a message.^^
Actually I'm really interested
in this new brand. Last week I went to Shinjuku Isetan where there is the only counter of Addiction in Kantou area.
I bought the eyeliner,which was very soft.
The counter was very small and crowded. I didn't check their other products except the eyeliner and concealer. The eyeshaows look fantastic.can't wait to read your review about the eyeshadow.^^

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