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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Spring 2010: Ettusais Melty Touch Rouge in Rose

I had to totally get one of the new Ettusais Melty Touch Rouges when I saw this ad:

Ah, that luscious gloss dripping from the lippy just looked freaking amazing (yes yes, I am such a sucker for such things!)
In addition I just love lipsticks with some core as it just looks cool!

I picked the Melty Touch Rouge in Rose (other colors are pink, red, orange and beige... I got beige and will review soon, too!). It looked like my kind of color (and yes, I probably have 769870998678564 similar lippies in my stash already!)

The Melty Touch Rouge comes in a cute small tube and a box which seems to resemble some sort of candy packaging or so?
The cover is clear so you can see the lippy color without opening the tube.

The lippy is fragrance-free and contains "Hyper Gloss Oil" (whatever that stuff is).
The core seems to be some clear pink-tinted solid jelly with small glitter bits and the lipstick is your standard slightly shimmery lippy.

When I first applied this I was a little disappointed as I somehow expected a more slick feeling however the result came out really pretty, a soft glossy color with a nice feel to it I am all in all happy with this lippy even though it´s nothing outstanding.
This is on the creamy but slightly hard side and has decent lasting-power and a sheer finish.

Rose is a pretty cool light pink. It came out actually a bit lighter than I expected.
Retails for 1800 Yen plus tax. I got mine from Ichibankao but Gooddealer lists this item, too!


Nicol said...

wow! do you just tilt it to get the gloss out?

Fiona Star said...

Omg it looks so yummy like candy... And 'melty touch' sounds absolutely delicious. I'd have expected the core to be more gooey and glossy though. Looking forward to your review on the beige!

Kathi said...

now the gloss in the middle is solid so it just adds some sheerness and a slight glossiness to the lipstick color =)

Unknown said...

omg it looks amazing ^^ never tried a lipstick with a core before! gonna buy it soon, just unsure about the color...was rose super light? hope you post your review/pics of the beige one soon~! although im mostly deciding between pink, rose, and red. orange looks kinda bright, otherwise i would get that. sigh* why don't they have any coral color(s)?? awesome review <3

Anonymous said...

Oh that's an interesting lipstick. How do you get the gloss out? Silly question I know.
That colour looks so dolly/princess like. I love it.

Kathi said...

The core is solid so there is no gloss coming out. It just adds a bit of glossiness when you swipe the lippy over your lips =D

Rica said...

Hey! I want to know if this is a limited edition from Ettusais because I can't see it anymore on their website...

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