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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Fall 2009: Etude House Moistfull Collagen (Part 2: Skincare)

I totally forgot to review the 2nd part of my Etude House Moistfull Collagen haul which I purchases already back in October 2009 =X

I only got 3 skincare items: Moistfull Collagen Cream, Eye Cream and Mask Sheet.
Etude House included samples, too, so I could also try the essence. I didn´t try the toner and lotion though!

Just like the majority of the makeup items the skincare doesn´t work for me either.

The Cream comes in a heavy orange glass pot and is not really a cream but more of a very smooth and moisturizing cream gel. It really makes my skin smooth but alas my skin doesn´t tolerate this item. I didn´t have an allergic reaction but my skin got irritated and started to pop up some red bumps on my cheeks. Also my skin in general felt somehow stressed and got rough after a few days so I had to stop using the cream.

The scent of this is nice albeit a bit strong and I prefer unscented facecare anyway!
My Cream came with a sample of the Essence (which caused the same reaction of my skin even when used with my normal Freeplus skincare routine so I stopped using it, too) and a small jar of the Cream (I should have used this before dipping in the big pot!N =X)
Contains 50ml

The Eye Cream however is quite nice even though it´s not something extremely special. It is a lighter gel cream and does a nice job of smoothing out my eye area. Although if I may be honest I prefer my US$9 Cosmetex Roland Eye Treatment Cream Q10 over this (will review soon)=P

This is lightly scented, too.
The tube contains a generous 25ml which is a lot for an eye cream. I think this tube lasts really long!

The Sheet Masks are heavily saturated with essence (25ml) and you get 5 in the package, each packed individually of course.
Again my skin didn´t have an allergic reaction to this but it felt rough and irritated after using this so this mask is not good for me.

Prices were somewhere around 10000-16000 Won I think but can´t remember exactly.


Claire said...

Heard loads of raves about this range. Sad to see that it didn't wrk out too well for you.

Wanted to try this range unfortunately it was totally sold out at the Etude House that I visited in Taiwan. :P

Thanks for the review though! :)


Georgina said...

so sorry to hear the moistfull line didnt work out for your skin :( i've tried the moistfull mask and its one of the best in terms of moisturizing and making my skin soft. :)

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