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Friday, February 19, 2010

Inexpensive Beauty Find: Kanebo Media Cheek Color A

Media is one of the most inexepensive makeup lines made by Kanebo. I tried several items (like eyeshadows, lipgloss etc.) and liked everything I got so far.

The Cheek Color A blushes come in a nice variety of colors (10 to choose from!) though all range on the lighter end of the spectrum so they will probably be most suitable for anyone with fair-medium skin-tones.

Generally the products from Media come in very basic clear/dark blue plastic packaging which makes them look a little cheap (the face powder however comes in a pretty dark blue compact). So packaging-wise you get what you pay for =P

The blushes have a fine a little hard texture. Pigment-wise they are on the sheer side but they can be layered so they´ll show up better.
The finish is different among the blushes but all the ones I have come without glitters, most are on the glowy-shimmery side. The Cheek Color A actually reminds me a lot of the blushes from the discontinued brand T´estimo!
I got 4 colors and I like them all as they´re all very neutral and wearable.

PK-1: Clear baby pink, more sheer and slightly glowy finish.

PK-3: Very sheer peach color (not pink at all in my opinion)

RD-1: This is a bit more pigmented than the other colors I picked. This is a pretty coral color.

RS-1: Color RS-1 is the most shimmery color of the lot and has a good dose of pigment. To me this is more of a beige than a rose so it´s a beige-rose or so =) Please check the swatch to see the color and judge yourself.

The swatches are showing PK-1, PK-3, RD-1 and RS-1 from left to right:

All in all I recommend the blushes as they´re nice value for money (retail price is 735 Yen/each). They´re not the best blushes out there but they´re pretty nice and affordable.


vanilla said...

awww the 3rd one and the last one so pretty!!if u ever wana let them go,im here

Mia said...

Would you tell me where i can get these beautiful blushes online ? Thanks a lot in advance .

Kathi said...

I got them from ichibankao for 1250 Yen/each incl. shipping

Shop N' Chomp said...

Had not heard of this brand until now. RD-1 looks gorg. =D

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