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Sunday, February 21, 2010

DHC Mild Touch Cleansing Oil

I noticed that this (relatively) new cleansing oil from DHC is getting rather mixed reviews online so I couldn´t resist trying it out myself.
I was intrigued by the cute bottle as soon as I spotted this product online. DHC is really coming up with pretty stuff the previous period, I hope they will continue this way! I just love cute products more than their usual boring simple packaging style.

The Mild Touch Cleansing Oil comes in a sweet baby pink bottle with pretty ornaments printed on. I like how there is nothing written on the front of the bottle except the band and product names.

This cleansing oil is one of the thickest I tried so far. It reminds me a bit of FANCL but is probably even thicker so it´s almost like a oil-gel. It´s not a clear oil as it has a slight milkiness to it. I suggest taking 2 pumps per application and then just massage your face with the oil. The cleansing oil has a very pleasant non-greasy texture and lifts my makeup and other dirt very easily. According to Sasa you can even use this with wet hands in the shower and it will not affect the cleansing power. I haven´t tried that though as I always use dry hands when I use cleansing oil.

It has a light herbal lavender scent which I really love as it smells like real lavender (the Mild Touch Cleansing Oil includes lavender oil)!
What I like most about this oil is how it leaves my skin clean but moisturized. Normally cleansing oil leaves my skin feeling normal to slightly dry so I always follow up quickly with moisturizer but the DHC oil doesn´t give me that feeling. If I use the oil and don´t slap on a cream after 5 minutes I am still fine! I would say this is the most moisturizing cleansing oil i tried to date (please note: moisturizing doesn´t mean greasy at all as the oil doesn´t leave an oily or greasy film at all!).

You can get this on Sasa for US$16.50. I think (the US website) lists this for about US$14. I got mine for US$12 on eBay but paid shipping in addition.
The bottle contains 150ml so price-wise this is just around the majorty of other cleansing oils. It´s a bit cheaper than FANCL but a little more expensive than say Kanebo Kracie Naive or Kose Softymo.

Here is the ingredients list. It seem there are neither parabens nor mineral oil in the formula and all in all it doesn´t have too many ingredients which is a plus for me!

All in all I highly recommend this stuff and will definitely considering a repurchase (I have about 4 or 5 other unopened cleansing oils here though so have to try and use those first!)


Lisa said...

So glad that DHC is coming out with cute packaging as well!~ Is the lavender smell overpowering though?

Anya said...

Great review. The original DHC Deep Cleansing Oil has been my HG for years... I'm glad the Mild version works just as well :)

Kathi said...

the lavender scent is definitely detectable but not terribly strong in my opinion. If you don´t like lavender it might be too much for you though!

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