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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Kracie Tabinoyado Hotspring Treatment Bath Salts Set (Limited Edition)

I believe Kracie is releasing a new set of Tabinoyado bath salts/powders every spring. Those who follow my blog for longer time now might know that the bath powders from Tabinoyado are my favorites among the (now quite vast) variety of Japanese bath powders.

The Tabinoyado bath salts are inspired by the famous 12 Japanese hot springs so each salt (or powder as it´s very finey milled and dissolves in the water right away) has a different scent and color (e.g. green, orange, yellow or a milky white) to resemble one of the hot springs. The recent releases also feature certain plants (I guess they ran out of hot springs to name their salts after lol). The scents are usually really great, very fresh, some with a woody note.

I also really like the cute illustrations on each package, some of them just make me smirk =)
I got last year´s one which contained the new scents in lilac and sakura and this year sees yet another 2 new kinds.

The current deluxe set contains 18 packs, 9 scent in total. The 2 new kinds are ginger and mugwort. It also contains the sakura salts (pink color!) from last year!
I really love mugwort, a fresh herbal scent and a deep green color. Ginger smells a bit too much like food to me but once the bath powder is dissolved and diluted by the water it smells pretty nice. This gives a white milky tint to the water.

I don´t know the names of the other kinds (those are from the regular line) but they all smell good!

To use: Pour one pack (25g) in your filled bathtub (around 180l of water) and relax for 15 mins.

I got mine from Ebay and I am considering purchasing a backup package =) I also have about 2 boxes of the regular set here. I don´t know how many boxes I used up in total but I think not less than 5 or 6!


birkinbagbeauty said...

Mmm, all sorts of Hotspring treatments...

are these from alphabeautyuk as well?

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