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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Bubble face wash showdown... who´s the winner?

I have accumulated quite a bunch of bubble face washes (those that come out of the pump as foam) and found them all quite different so I thought of doing a little comparison between them. I haven´t done a product comparison for long time now (except for mentioning similar products in general reviews and comparing them with each other) and I thought it would be fun to compare the foam face washes.

The contestants are:
(1) Kosé Softymo Airy Whip

(2) Juju Aquamoist HA Bubble Face Wash

(3) Kao Bioré Marshmallow Face Wash

(4) DHC Moisture Fruit Foaming Wash

(5) Sana Konuka Bubble Face Wash

1. Packaging/Size/Price (what I paid):

(1) Cute Pink metal can, 180g, US$7.60 (Sasa)
(2) White/blue plastic pump bottle with lots of Japanese writings, 150g, US$9.70 (Sasa)
(3) Pretty white/pink bottle, 160ml, US$13.50 (Adambeauty)
(4) Cute pink bottle, 100ml, US$15.40 (Sasa)
(5) Very large white bottle with Japanese writings (looks nice and somehow traditional), 150ml, US$7.50 (Sasa)
Please note that some of the washes might have a lower or higher Japanese retail price.
Best packaging: DHC, because it´s the cutest bottle =)
Best size: Airy Whip and Kao Bioré offer the largest quantities
Price: The best value for money is definitely Airy Whip, Sana Konuka is 2nd!

2. Scent/Texture:

(1) Very light floral scent with a hint of hair-mousse smell (I think the gas they use for the can). Actually it´s not really fair to compare this to the other washes as this is a mousse and not really a normal foaming wash. The mousse is super soft and dense!

(2) Unscented (slight no-scent-smell though, you know this slightly chemical one). Nice fluffy and rich texture

(3) Light floral scent, very dense and fluffy foam.

(4) Light grapefruit scent (in my opinion yucky), the foam is dense but not as fine as the other ones as you see some larger air bubbles

(5) Unscented (slight chemical smell) and nice fluffy dense texture.

Best scent: Airy Whip, then Bioré. I also like the unfragranced ones (Juju and Sana Konuka)
Best texture: Airy Whip by far, then Bioré and Juju.

3. Cleansing Power/Result:

I should add that I didn´t use any of these to remove makeup, I always use a cleansing oil, then the face wash and I use the face wash alone in the morning. So cleansing power means cleansing my face without makeup.
(1) Leaves my face very clean but nicely soft and doesn´t dry my skin out at all!
(2) This leaves my skin skin very clean, too. This is also mild and not too drying but not as mild as Airy Whip and Bioré.
(3) Again very good cleansing power and not drying at all.
(4) I only used this once and it left my face clean however I reacted to it so the result was a desaster.
(5) Leaves my face very clean however this is quite drying as my skin feels tight and uncomfortable after rinsing this off.
Best cleansing power: I can´t really notice a difference, all cleanse well
Best result: Airy Whip followed by Bioré and Juju.

Overall result:

1. Kosé Softymo Airy Whip is my winner!
2. Kao Bioré Marshmallow Face Wash is 2nd, I really love this one a lot!
3. Juju Aquamoist HA Bubble Face Wash is a great pick, too!
4. Sana Konuka Bubble Face Wash is just too drying for me so I set this aside, will mostly use it up as a body or hand wash
5. DHC Moisture Fruit Foaming Wash just didn´t work for me despite the cute bottle! A real pity! Also this is very espensive considering it only contains 100ml but costs about twice as much as Airy Whip!

I hope you liked my little showdown =) At least it was a colorful post =P


Jiniya said...

I've been looking for a new face wash these days.. after your positive review on Airy Whip, I'm willing to give it a shot! Thanks for the review!

Unknown said...

Wow, thank you about this review. I didn´t know if getting the Kose or the Kao one, now I am decided!!!

Lisa said...

Thanks for giving an in depth comparison. Yeah too bad about DHC cause this one caught my eye the most. Now I gotta find meself an Airy Whip.

kuri said...

Airy whip sounds good, maybe that will be my next face wash. Thanks for the showdown!

Unknown said...

Loved your blog. Readers might also be interested in another article I found, about beauty and dry eyes. It can be found at this website:

sugarsugarrush said...

^^Thank you for the comparision! I saw the Airy Whip wash on ebay, and have been unsure whether to get it or not! But now I think I'll buy it! :)

Pink Sith said...

I totally love foaming cleansers. You helped with my decision as I was considering a few of these. Thanks for the excellent review!

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