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Friday, February 5, 2010

Rohto Lycée Eye Wash Cleansing Lotion

I´ve been using the Rohto Lycée eyedrops for some time now and really like them (will review soon, too!) so when I spotted their Eye Wash Cleansing Lotion I immediately ordered it (from alphabeautyuk on Ebay, also ordered the 450ml jumbo bottle!).

My eyes are one of my weakest points... I had several surgeries as I was born with a squint leaving me with small scars inside my eyes which makes it hard to wear contact lenses (I used hard ones but they were so uncomfy I always wear glasses now as I am very hyperopic). Furthermore my left eye has a scratch on the cornea which usually doesn´t cause any problems but when I open my eye too quickly after sleeping deeply it hurts like someone punched me in the eye with his fist as the cornea is a bit dry and the lid can stick to the scratch and open it when I open my eye.

Anyways, I always take good care of my eyes as I am visiting my ophthalmologist frequently, replace mascara often and use gentle eye products. Even though I consider my eyes sensitive I rarely react to any makeup or eye care products and I have an eye infection once in 5 years at most. I never rub my eyes and generally keep my hands off my face (I really trained hard to do that lol!)

The new Rohto Lycée Eye Wash Cleansing Lotion is a welcome extra step of my evening facecare routine as it helps in removing any last traces of mascara (those little bits that enter the eye) and dust and generally making my eyes feel fresh and rested.

You get a bottle of rose-scented liquid with a special suction cup to wash your eyes. You pour 5ml of liquid into the cup (up to the line), place it gently over your eye, squeeze it lightly and then lift your head a bit till the liquid is over your eyes. Open your eyes and blink several times for around 10 seconds. Discard liquid and fill again to do the other eye.
This stuff doesn´t burn or sting at all which makes it really a comfy thing. If you have a slightly blurry vision from removing eye makeup this stuff will help getting rid of it.

All in all I really like this and will continue using it! Contains Vitamins B6 and B12, Vitamin E, Hyaluronic Acid, is anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial.
Besides that the bottle is darn cute =)
You can use this up to 6 times a day but I use it 1x at night after removing makeup and sometimes in the morning if my eyes feel very dry.

I got the 80ml bottle which costs about 600 Yen and waiting for the 450ml bottle which costs about 1100 Yen so it´s MUCH better value for money! The smaller bottle is convenient for travels etc. though!


Anonymous said...

Hard contacts sound scary. Couldn't you be prescribed soft ones? I have pretty bad vision and I wear soft contacts.

Kathi said...

no I can´t wear soft ones the ophthalmologist said =( I know those are much more comfortable to wear but I can´t sadly

Claire said...

Thanks for this review! Didn't know Rohto had eye wash cleansing lotions too. Tempted to get my hands on a bottle now. :)


Denysia said...

I need something like this! I wear contacts, and sometimes when I'm doing nothing, I see tiny dust specks in my eyes.

Anonymous said...

Will try this out! I have to take care of my eyes more. What do we do abt a bit of shadow or sparkle dust while applying the makeup? Anyone ideas?

Shop N' Chomp said...

What an interesting product! I'll have to check this out. =D

jammy Junio said...

hi can we use this as eye solution for contact lenses? and can we drop this directly to our eyes?

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