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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Update on my Prettia hair color Berry Cassis (after 1 week) & Hoyu Beautylabo Hair Color in Velvet Brown

So I just dyed my hair ago with Prettia´s Bubble Hair Color in Berry Cassis (or Cassis Berry or whatever it´s called).
While initially I really liked the color I have to say that after a few washes it started to catch a rusty orangey tone, especially on the roots as they were lighter (my natural hair color is about light-medium brown) so the 1cm of hair closest to my scalp looked really yucky. The overall color was still pretty but I just couldn´t stand the look of the orange roots so............tada...... I dyed my hair again =O

Look: =X

I didn´t intend to do it so quickly but really my hair looked gross! To my delight the Hoyu Beautylabo color I used was rather mild so my hair doesn´t look or feel damaged or fried at all but surely I will give it a dye break now until the outgrowing hair will be really ugly (say 1-2 months =P)

The Beautylabo dye is a regular cream color which consists of 2 agents. You just squeeze the tube into the bottle, shake and apply. You also get a leave-in treatment for afterwards.

To my horror I noticed that after doing about 3/4 of my head I ran out of the dyeing cream! Yikes! I thought the 120ml of dye would be enough for my hair as the 100ml Prettia dye are even too much and cover all my hair and possible another short haired person if I wanted to. Seems the bubbles really make a difference in that (and also their application was more pleasant).

Anyhow, with lots of combing, squeezing out the last bits of dye and massaging I was able to cover my head and hoped for a somewhat even result.

The color I used is called Velvet Brown which is more of a deep blueberry-toned brown shade. I really really heart that color so much (it took more of a reddish blackberry tone on me)! I like my hair darker and this color is just outstanding in my opinion.

Here is the before:

And after:

Will update on how this color performs, I hope the rusty tones of the Prettia won´t come out soon.

Next time I will probably use a Prettia color again though =P They have lots of pretty browns and the bubbles are just so convenient!


Cupcake said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Oh my, I've had my fair share of orange hair. I first dyed my hair at 14, from black to platinum blonde and pink streaks :)

Blueberry brown does sound really nice. Is there an actual color called blueberry brown? I notice your box says Velvet brown. I always see blue-black as a color, but never blue brown.

Shop N' Chomp said...

Love your new hair color, Kathi! Beautylabo's on my "to try" list.

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