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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Kosé Addiction: Compact Case II and 4 more eyeshadows

I know it took me some time to write up this review but I somehow had to make up my mind a little before posting this.

After being so thrilled with my first 2 eyeshadows from Addiction (review here) I decided to pick up 4 more colors so I could fill up a 6-pan case and have my own Addiction palette.
This time I was not as lucky with the colors I picked as 2 of the colors aren´t really my thing but the other 2 are just as great as the first 2 I got.

I wrote about the overall texture of the shadows and the different finishes in my previous post so please click here to read more.

I got the following 4 colors:
Snow Venus (S), Nostalgia (P), Keshil (P) and Stardust (P).
Snow Venus (S): To my horror this turned out to be a cream shade. There was no indication anywhere that this would be a cream! It´s a very sheer off-white with a slick and a bit greasy texture so I only use this just below my brows as I am afraid it would crease. The color itself is pretty but I am just disappointed that it´s a cream shade!

Nostalgia (P): To me the online swatch looked like this would be a lighter pink-tinged taupe brown shade. On me it turns into a golden brown, almost on the mustard side so wearing this on my lids is impossible. I can blend it into my crease but I am not overly happy with this color. Also this lacks luminosity compared to the other P shades I tried so far!

Keshil (P): This is probably the best color of the lot. It´s a gorgeous deep gray bordering black with a nice metallic finish. Finding such dark color with such nice finish is something rare in my opinion as most deep grays and blacks look rather flat.

Stardust (P): This is similar to Keshil however it does have some micro-glitters and a barely noticable purplish tinge to it. It´s also a good highly-pigmented color but Keshil is just better.

Here you see the compact case. I filled it with my 6 shadows.

Top row (from left to right): Snow Venus, Nostalgia, Flash Back
Bottom row (from left to right): Sandcastles, Keshil, Stardust

You know it often happens to me that I like ceratain eyeshadows or lipsticks very much but then it ends up that only the first batch was great and I am disappointed with the 2nd one I might order enthusiastically. I think I should just keep what I like and not order more if I am not 100% sure it will turn out great!

Overall I only love 3 of the shadows in my 6-pan case...not a good thing really!


. said...

i've bought eyeshadow before expecting a powder but receiving a cream, i think cosmetics should be more clearly labeled!

on the bright side (haha) snow venus looks like it could be pretty as an inner-eye highlighter! it might not crease there, right?

birkinbagbeauty said...

awww, too bad most of them did not work out for you. But how weird that one of those turned out to be a cream without notice, I mean, these eyeshadows are splurges so it is not so nice when you mispurchase.
I am lucky to have two really fantastic colours in Flashback (you have that one as well) and Neverland. If you take a good guess, they can be awesome!

Haru said...

hey Kathi,
I had no idea that some of these eyeshadows are creams! It doesn't say so on the Addiction website in the product descriptions for the eyeshadows. The textures of the powder ones do look nice though I wish they had more colourful shades instead of all the many whites and blacks.

Kathi said...

Hi Pfefi,
yea I used it on my inner corners, too! But I was really pissed that they didn´t write it´s a cream shade! I would have picked one of the other gazillion whites from their range otherwise!

Hi Birkie,
yea it´s really annoying! The Neverland you reviewed looks yummy! I should have got this instead of Nostalgia or Stardust!

Hi Iris,
yea even though Addiction has some edgy vibe their colors are still on the safe side! I think they lack some pretty purples and aquas! It´s a bummer that they have creams in their line and don´t indicate it! Since they notice the finishes like metallic and pearl they could have indicated the cream texture, too!

Thanks everyone for commenting!
Kathi =D

Anonymous said...

Ooh! Those look gorgeous!

Keshil looks stunning, must get this at some point.
I managed to get ahold of Bagdad Cafe recently, I think Nostalgia will go perfectly with it, I love mustardy, golden brown tones. Let me know if you're willing to sell it. Have emailed you about this too. Cheersies!

BV said...

Can I say though - the swatches look gorgeous and have inspired some lemmingish feelings in me!!

I love cream eyeshadows (I usually use them as bases) so... I'm going to check these colours out now!

Many thanks for post...

Rica said...

I love these addiction from Kose! Too bad it's not available here in Hong Kong.. :(

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