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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Inexpensive Beauty Find: PDC Celdie Foaming Face Wash YG (Honey Yogurt)

PDC is one of those Japanese brands I hadn´t really noticed until recently. Since I love browsing Sasa I usually stumbe across interesting new stuff and among them were some PDC items so I ordered several products from Sasa and later also from Adambeauty as the product are affordable and look good enough to give them a try.

Among the products was this plain tube of face wash which I mainly got because the ingredients honey and yogurt looked so yummy and appealing to me!

The PDC Celdie Foaming Face Wash YG comes in an ivory squeeze tube and is only printed in Japanese. The 120g tube retails for 390 Yen which is really a steal!
As mentioned this contains honey and yogurt. There are also other types available and also makeup remover gels in similar squeeze tubes.

The face wash in YG has slightly sour yogurt scent, there is not much of a honey fragrance to be detected at all. I quite like it but I can see how some might dislike it. It´s a regular foaming face cleanser which lathers up nicely and cleanses my skin very well albeit leaving it slightly dry. It´s still less drying than some other washes like the ones from Naive and other brands though.

If you are searching for an inexpensive foaming face cleanser this would be a good pick, maybe you would like to check out one of the other types like Royal Jelly (which is on the way to me) or Sea Salt.

All in all good value for money. You can get this on Adambeauty or Sasa (the exact same one is right now out of stock though). Alphabeautyuk on eBay is having this, too (for less than US$6 plus reasonable shipping).

Other PDC items to be reviewed are the Famy Body Lotion and 2 hand creams, some of the Pure Natural items and some more Celdie stuff.


Lisa said...

MMmmm, honey and yoghurt. Never heard of the brand PDC before. Thanks for introducing. Will check it out.

Edna said...

Good find. I'll look into it next time I goto :)

MilknCookiie said...

I actually really like Naive, because it doesn't dry my face at all, even though it cleanses so well. But yeah, I can see how it can dry other people out and who knows it will too for me eventually. I'd definitely try this cleanser out if that ever happends, thanks for the review!

★ Cookiie

Anonymous said...

I find that the Kose Softymo line has the best drugstore non-drying facial cleansers. =>

Jane said...

I tried this last month and I hated it! It left my face so squeaky clean, like rubbing my finger against rubber. It was awful so I gave it away.

I would not recommend this for dry or even normal skin. Definitely for oily skin girls.

The cleanser that I do like is from Biore. It's a cream cleanser and it's pink. It lathers up nicely too and doesn't leave my skin too dry.

Kathi said...

Hi Jane,
I do have normal-dry skin and it works for me. I can see how this will work for oily skin-types, too, but definitely it works for me =)

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