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Friday, February 5, 2010

DHC Base Makeup Q10 Moisture Care Color Base SPF 22 PA++ in pink

DHC has quite a nice range of face makeup items up for grabs. Among them the Q10 makeup line. I reviewed the foundation which I quite like here!
I am definitely interested to get the pressed powder, too!

I think the Q10 Moisture Care Color Base has been out for some time now but I just saw it recently listed on eBay (alphabeautyuk as usual) so I picked up the pink one.

This makeup base comes in a squeeze tube containing 30g and comes with SPF 22 PA++.

This description is taken from eBay seller Alphabeautyuk:

"It just like an essence! With long lasting moisture care.

"Makeup + Skinare" - Concept

This Q10 liquid foundation contains rich beauty essence contents, and it can be described as an "essence". It gives you a moisture rich, smooth, elastic skin with long lasting performance.


1. Q10 anti-aging & moisture care

  • with the highest possible concentration of co-enzyme Q10 content allowed in local Japan, works with super hyaluronic acid, it gives you an advanced moisture care via makeup. While the natural oceanic collagen helps improve the elasticity of skin layer, leaving your skin smooth & supple.
  • the natural olive essence oil acts as an effective agents against dryness & harmful UV rays.
  • contains the same ingredient levels as the DHC skincare products

2. Aqua Moisture Veil

  • it forms a virtual moisture mask veil cover your skin, the included beauty essence & moisture work together to keep your skin supple & moisture rich, avoid dryness and moisture loss via evaporation

3. Coverage for Fine Lines

  • like covering a thin veil over the face, it covers fine lines & uneveness, and making your skin look youthful

4. Sunscreen Support

  • with SPF22 PA++ sunscreen support against harmful UV rays.

No fragrance. No preservatives. For all skin types.

The shades available are:

Light Pink
- good coverage, increase skin translucency, and give a light & healthy pink finish

Shiny Beige
- cover skin uneveness, brighten up, and give a natural skin finish

Clear Ivory -cover over-redness, increase skin translucency, and create dimension for the nose part

Natural Beige
- cover skin uneveness, and give a natural skin finish

Cool Green
- cover over-redness and create dimension for the nose part"

I first didn´t know if I should get light pink or green but settled on pink eventually as I just got the green Freeplus base in the same time.

The base is a nice smooth cream but it´s not a very moisturizing or slick formula (but not drying either). Actually at least on me it´s more on the mattifying side but it makes a great base for foudation which clings to the base very well.

The light pink color really evens out my skin nicely covering slight imperfections neatly

This isn´t scented and doen´t irritate my skin at all.

I have to say that overall DHC is growing more and more on me. They released some really fabulous items in the past months, among them my holy grail eye concealer (the Q10 one in Light Beige I reviewed some time ago). Their color cosmetics are really good and cute, too!

I just started using the Moisture Fruit Foaming Face Wash after I ran out of my Juju Aquamoist HA Bubble Face Wash and will also try the Soft Touch Cleansing Oil soon =D
The DHC eyeshadow review will also be up soon (within the next few days).


sugarmizbunni said... I wish they sell DHC makeup range here..Didnt know they do makeups too. I recently bought their Q10 products too and will definitely try their makeup if I can find them next time^^ I wanted to try their pressed powder too :D looks good

PBunnieP said...

Hey Kathi

I remembered you had used the Q10 liquid foundation. Just wondering if you still like it now after all this time? I'm thinking of getting it!
Thank you :)

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