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Monday, February 22, 2010

Kefir Whips Kefir Cream in Rose and Soap

I picked up these 2 cute glass jars of body lotion from Sasa recently as they looked irresitible. Even though they were pricey for over US$13/each I just gave in.

The Kefir Whips Kefir Creams are Japanese products but I couldn´t locate a brand name so I suppose Kefir Whips might be the brand? I don´t know anyway =P

I used to drink Kefir when I was a kid and still get one from time to time. It´s made of milk and supposed to be very healthy. You can read about Kefir here.
The Kefir Whips contain kefir and organic Caucasian herbs (written "harbs" on the label).
The jars are cute as they are reminiscent of yogurt jars. There are only 90g in one jar so it won´t last you long.

I have to say I am greatly disappointed with these. First off the texture is too lightweight. It´s more like a cream-gel (which could be a good thing) but rather sticky and not really moisturizing. But I could get over this if the scent of both creams wasn´t so horrible.

The cream in the pink pot (rose) smells super cloying with a heavy powdery rose scent with some sour tinge. Ugh! And the blue jar (soap) smells very much like a super strong musk scent which gives me a headache if I even just open the jar.

Even though I am usually using up my body care I just can´t bring myself to use those stinky creams. I just can´t stand the smell at all!
Really a pity!


Lisa said...

Ahh, don't you hate it when cute packaging sucks you in but the product fails horribly...Thanks for the heads up ^^

Jiniya said...

Aww, that's disappointing to hear! I agree, the jars are SO CUTE, and I was hoping the product would be good too! Such a shame it's not. :(

Cheap Cosmetics said...

After reading your opinion,I also want to take it.Is it suitable for both oily and dry skin?Myself is oily.So I feel somehow hesitated,but let's see what happen!!!

Anonymous said...

wow thanks for the review. I was going to buy this yesterday because it looks so cute .. and for $13 i would've expected a better product. i am so glad i didn't purchase it!

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